Leverage Performance Tennis

 "Now You Can Serve in the Sun"

Solar Bat Leverage™ is the most advanced tennis sunglass lens ever developed.  With its  double gradient tint the bottom 75% of the lens illuminates the tennis ball and lines while the upper 25% of the lens filters the often blinding rays of the sun.  Although so called tennis tints, long in the market, offer yellow ball enhancing properties, Solarbat Leverage™ revolutionized performance sunglasses with an advancement in selective filtration technology resulting in superior visual enhancements of a players most important tertiary targets – the ball and lines, while sparing the eye from the blinding brightness of the sun on the serve.


All sunglasses in Leverage series come in the Leverage Performance Double Gradient tint.  Elite and Pro Series sunglasses come with a hard protective case while the Victory Series comes with a soft cloth pouch.  Hard protective cases can be purchased through Solar Bat.   Designed for tennis and any sport involving an optic yellow ball.