SB 9858 AV8R

SB 9858 AV8R

by Solar Bat $169.99
  • Duralite frame material with totally adjustable nose pads and temples with spring hinges
  • Stainless steel screws to resist corrosion
  • Frame and lenses designed by optometrist and owner Dr. Gary Nesty
  • Design consultants include a variety of sports professionals
  • Proprietary PNVXD optics for extra definition and enhanced depth perception
  • PNVXD lenses resist fogging and are 10 times more impact resistant at 25% the weight of glass lenses
  • Proprietary EMP polarization is encapsulated within the lens never to peel or scratch off
  • EMP affords the ultimate in polarization and blocks all harmful UV wavelengths
  • PNVXD lenses surpass U.S. government standards for impact resistance
  • Double thickness scratch resistant coating on front and back lens surfaces


Full rimless three-point screw mount construction makes the SB9858 light in weight yet rugged enough for active sports.  The spring hinges make this frame gently hug your face.  Full rimless design and tilt of the frame front make this frame fit close to the cheeks.  If you have problems seeing light below your sunglass frame, wind getting underneath your frame, or eyelashes that rub, then the SB9858 is the choice for you.  Temples and nose pads can be adjusted for fit without heating.  Nose pads can be adjusted to not only raise and lower the frame but also move the frame front closer and further from your eyes.  The problem of eyelashes that rub lenses is non-existent with this frame style. The rectangular lenses wrap totally around your eyes.

Frame size:
Lens size – 67mm
Bridge size – Adjustable to fit any nose with TCG pads
Temple size -135 with spring hinges

Lens tint guide:  
All tints feature EMP polarization
Gray (GP)
  • Filters all colors equally for true color vision
  • 14% light transmission
Amber (AP)

  • Filters blue light for visual comfort and is excellent in flat light
  • 16% light transmission
Amber Gradient (APCY)     U.S. Patent 7,775,659 B2

  • Top 55% amber and bottom 45% HiConYellow
  • Turn your eyes down for brighter vision as in driving when you look down in the car
  • 16% to 27% variation in light transmission

Mossback® (MP)

  • Brightens green and bleaches out brown
  • 15% light transmission

Mossback® Gradient (MPCY)  U.S. Patent 7,775,659 B2

  • Top 55% Mossback® and bottom 45% HiConYellow
  • Turn your eyes down for brighter vision such as when you move into the shadows in a cove
  • 15% to 27% variation in light transmission


  • Brightens vision in low light
  • 27% light transmission

Flash Mirror lenses:  Gray Blue Mirror, Amber Green Mirror, and Mossback Gold Mirror

  • Reduces light transmission by 5%
  • Increases cosmetic appeal of lenses

Amber ITH

  • Top 30% HiConYellow with bottom 70% Amber
  • Tilt your head down for brighter vision
  • 27% to 16% variation in light transmission

Mossback ITH

  • Top 30% HiConYellow with bottom 70% Mossback
  • Tilt your head down for brighter vision
  • 27% to 15% variation in light transmission

Warranty: Manufacturers’ defects are replaced at no charge for 90 days after purchase date.  After 90 days any broken frame part is replaced for $10.50 shipping and handling and any damaged lens is replaced for $15.00 per lens.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Applies only to the original owner. Warranty does not apply to prescription glasses.

Sunglass comes in a microfiber pouch and a semi rigid carrying case.

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