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Solar Bat Sunglasses improved my fishing vision tremendously two seasons ago.  I've never had vision issues of any kind, but I noticed that during sun-rising hours and well into the morning, I just wasn't sight fishing as well I had in the past.  I purchased several pairs of the original Signature Series (now the Pro Edition Series).  Believe it or not, all of my sunglasses are still in one piece.  I am hard on my equipment, so I expect my sunglasses to eventually break, wear out, and require replacements.  To my surprise I haven't had to replace any of them.  Though, now, I add new models with different lens tints so I am fully prepared for any type of diminishing light conditions or sun rays breaking through the clouds.  Big fan of Solar Bat and their polarized bass fishing sunglasses.  Highly recommend, especially for the customer service and tough sunglass material that makes the glasses durable.

Jeff O.

Solar Bat's new website is cooking hot!  Great look to accompany the best polarized eyewear in the world.  Truthfully, I love sending my money to small companies who pass savings on to their customers.  Solar Bat has always treated me like I am valued and the savings on upper echelon sunglasses is very real.  Solar Bat tends to be 30-60.00 cheaper than other sunglass companies.  Despite the fact that Solar Bat innovation makes these upper level sunglasses heads up the competition.  Better sunglasses for a better price?  That's why I keep coming back.

Jeremy W.

I ordered several pairs of the Pros and Heroes Polarized Series and Pro and Heroes Hunting Shooting Sunglasses.  I can honestly call myself a Solar Bat fan at this point.  I love how Solar Bat offers me more lens tint options than many sunglass companies.  I also like the fact that for similar technology I always save money.  I refuse to purchase 300.00 sunglasses when I know that they can fall off while I am fishing or I could accidentally step on them in a deer stand.  The cost effectiveness is there and the customer service has never let me down.

James F.