Tennis Agility Drill
A huge part of being a successful tennis player comes down to how quickly you can get from one spot to another, how fast you can change directions and get across the court or back to the middle. The change of direction and your speed in doing so is agility.
Training for agility is a key part of tennis fitness and should be incorperated into any tennis fitness regiment. A great drill that requires little to no equipment is the Pro Agility drill. You see a lot of sports that use this one but I feel it's just as good for tennis players not better then for some other sports.
Set Up: You can use cones if you have them, if not no problem. You can use the full width of the court or just the singles lines, it's up to you. Place a cone at each sideline you wish to use on the baseline, and one right at the center mark. That's it.
Drill: Start at the center cone in your "ready position" or athletic stance facing the net (1). Pick either right or left (2 or 3) to start and your first movement is a cross-over into side shuffle to that cone/line, once you touch that side you turn and sprint to the opposite cone/line, touch the opposite line and sprint back through the center. Using the numbers below follow the example: Start at 1 in an athletic stance facing the net. Cross-over into a sideshuffle untill you touch 2 then turn, sprint and touch 3, turn and sprint through 1.
That's the entire drill, it's short and sweet but a great test/ practice for change of direction on the court especially moving along the baseline.