What is the Best Sunglass Lens Color for Tennis?

A properly designed pair of sunglasses is one of the most essential pieces of tennis gear you can purchase. Tennis is a combination of conditioning, excellent motor skills, depth perception, and hand eye coordination. The proper tint will dramatically improve your visual component of the game.  An added benefit is eye protection.  A tennis ball, even though relatively spongy in nature, is traveling at high speed and can be devastating to the unprotected eye if an accidental blow occurs.

As sunglasses have gotten better over time, more and more tennis players wear them when they play. It was hard for tennis players to wear sunglasses on the court in the past. They became a bother because they kept falling, fogging, or were clouded by perspiration. Frame fit issues had to be solved to design the ultimate performance tennis sunglasses.  Frame features such as co-inject TCG in the temples and adjustable nose pads had to be incorporated to keep the frames in place and allow adjustability of lens angle and lens to face spacing.  Lens to face spacing is key to reducing lens fog and keeping perspiration from running down the front and back surface of the lenses. 

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When choosing your lenses, tint matters. The tint of the lenses will filter or diminish some colors while enhancing others.  By selecting the proper tint, such as Solar Bat’s proprietary Leverage Performance Tennis tint, the yellow ball and out-of-bounds lines will be more visible.  The tint that enhances the yellow ball will also brighten the sun when looking into the sky on the serve or returning a lob.   Leverage Performance Tennis tint solves this issue by a gray gradient in the top 30% of the lens.  The sun will not blind you and when you look back to court level your eyes will readapt to the lower light level much quicker.  A savings or 1 second on light adaptation translates to many feet on the court given the speed of travel of a tennis ball.

4 reasons you should get sunglasses when playing Tennis (and sports in general)

UV protection

When playing sports outside, UV protection is a must. UV wavelengths from the sun over time can be devastating  to your eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Any outdoor sport will involve exposure to UV wavelengths and this includes cycling, walking, jogging, watersports, bat and ball sports, and golf to name a few.  With Solar Bat’s  high-quality models, UV safety is guaranteed.

Better Vision

To play your chosen sport at the highest level, peak visual performance is a must.  Solar Bat achieves this goal by designing performance sports specific tints.  Solar Bat even offers prescription glasses for sports to keep your eyes safe and give you the best vision possible. We sell prescription glasses on our online shop.

Prevent injuries

With the right glasses, your eyes will stay healthy. When it comes to safety, the standards for sports glasses are very high. They can handle accidents and keep you from a variety of eye injuries ranging from minor to injuries resulting in loss of vision. Solar Bat’s online store sells the ultimate in impact resistant sports glasses at competitive prices.


Sports enthusiasts want sunglasses that not only protect and improve performance but are stylish as well.  Solar Bat sunglasses perform and they look cool.  When you look good you play good.

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Important Qualities of Tennis Sunglasses:

  • The sunglasses should be light in weight so that you can play the game freely
  • Wrap-around-style sunglasses is a good choice because they give a clear view of the court.
  • Lens tint should make the yellow ball and out of bound lines more visible.
  • Lens gradient gray tint blocks the sunlight on upward gaze.
  • Optical quality polycarbonate lenses for ultimate impact resistance and lightweight durability
  • Frames that will stay in place under all temperature conditions.
  • Frames that position lenses to minimize fogging and perspiration running onto the lens.
  • Blocks all harmful UV wavelengths.

These lenses improve clarity and enhanced contrast, making it easier to see the tennis ball. They also have 100% UV protection and anti-scratching coating with the best warranty in the sunglass market.

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