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Rick Clunn joins Team Solar Bat

by Mandy Shephard on June 17, 2015   |  1 Comments

June 8, 2015   Dr. Gary Nesty is pleased to announce the addition of legendary fisherman Rick Clunn to the Solar Bat Sunglass pro staff.    Doc Nesty said, “We will be calling on Rick’s years of experience on the water and his analytical mind to design signature sunglasses at a variety of price points.  Solar Bat has just signed Rick to a multi-year agreement and the design process has just begun.  I can promise you that Rick’s signature series sunglass will improve your on the water performance regardless of your skill level.”   Rick added, “There are many sunglass companies,..

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Serious fishermen know that the best rod, reel, and line combination for throwing a crankbait is not ideal for throwing spinner baits, Carolina rigs, jigs, worms, etc.  I would suggest that when fishing for shallow water species of fish the most important asset in your boat is your vision.  Your vision is how you find shallow water fish and structure or targets.  No matter the quality of your rod and reel or your casting ability with that rod and reel, if you cannot see the fish or the target you are severely handicapped.   Fishing conditions vary from muddy water,..

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Species Specific Hunting Glasses

by Mandy Shephard on September 16, 2014   |  0 Comments

Dr. Gary Nesty is an optometrist and the owner of Solar Bat Sunglasses.     Hunters, did you know that selecting the correct sunglass tints for the species and conditions will improve visual performance in the field?  That is the purpose of this hunting blog.  I have to believe that hunters are aware of the need for eye protection in the field so this information will center on what I call “selective wavelength filtration”.  What that means is lens tints can be incorporated into a sunglass that will make certain colors more vivid while other colors will be bleached out. ..

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Best Driving Tints for Sunglasses

by Mandy Shephard on September 10, 2014   |  0 Comments

Blog by Dr. Gary Nesty, optometrist and owner of Solar Bat Sunglasses   I am often asked, what is the best sunglass tint for driving, how can glare be eliminated, what tint should I wear for driving in the fog, should I wear sunglasses driving in the rain, can polarized lenses help me when driving, and what is the best sunglass for snow glare.  The short answer is that sunglasses will help under all these circumstances.  Now let me break down my answer.   Glare is the enemy to sharp vision.  Glare is to you vision as static is to..

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Solar Bat is proud to announce that we now have both a fishing and tennis distributor in Australia. Now all of our Australian customers can easily purchase a pair of Solar Bat sunglasses without the hassle of the lengthy and expensive shipping from the USA. Contact our Tennis Distributor: Lee Taylor Email Phone +61404839139 Contact our Fishing Distributor: Drew Kearney Email The Solar Bat Australia website should soon be live.

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Shad's trip to the FLW Cup

by Mandy Shephard on July 15, 2014   |  0 Comments

Here is another tip from Shad about his trip to the FLW Cup.    With 2 weeks of pre practice left I am becoming mentally prepared for all weather conditions.   I will take to the water next Monday for a few days.  During pre practice I will not allow myself to settle in to any patterns or fishing locations but familiarize myself with the lake.  This will allow me to adjust better each day and hour of the tournament, and utilize the 3 official practice days more efficiently.  The harder you work the luckier you get!!!   Time to..

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