Blog by Dr. Gary Nesty, optometrist and owner of Solar Bat Sunglasses


I am often asked, what is the best sunglass tint for driving, how can glare be eliminated, what tint should I wear for driving in the fog, should I wear sunglasses driving in the rain, can polarized lenses help me when driving, and what is the best sunglass for snow glare.  The short answer is that sunglasses will help under all these circumstances.  Now let me break down my answer.


Glare is the enemy to sharp vision.  Glare is to you vision as static is to your hearing.  Eliminate glare and you improve visual performance.  Polarized lenses eliminate glare and therefore should be incorporated into your driving sunglasses under most all conditions.  Snow glare can be devastating and, even though it is cold outside, polarized sunglasses are very beneficial in snowy conditions.  One condition when polarization is not as important is when driving in the fog.  Under fog conditions brightening your vision and therefore increasing contrast take precedence over polarization.  Just as yellow lamps will “cut through” the fog, a yellow lens, like shooters and hunters often wear, will increase visual performance.


If you have never tried wearing polarized sunglasses when driving in the rain you should give it a try.  Raindrops are clear and you only see the drops because of their reflection of available light.  Polarized lenses will nearly eliminate all the reflected light and allow you to “see through” the rain.  I developed a green polarized tint that has just the right amount of increased contrast to make this tint the perfect tint for driving in the rain. 


In closing, let me add that good judgment must be used when wearing sunglasses while driving.  If light levels are low then sunglasses should not be worn.  Never wear dark sunglasses at night.  Some individuals will see better at night with yellow lenses but be careful that these high contrast lenses do not cause on coming headlights to blind you.  Use you best judgment and allow sunglasses to help improve your visual performance when you are behind the wheel.