Solar Bat checked in with Stella Hibdon this week for some news on the FLW Tour tournament held last weekend at Grand Lake.


“The boys worked terribly hard and had a really good practice,” Stella said.  “The water came up three feet, crested, and then fell three feet in four days.  Their fish scattered.”


Guido, Dion and Payden caught a limit each day, but their weights weren't enough to land any money.


According to Stella, there's an old saying, “Fishing is different from other sports – If the fish doesn't want to bite, you can't make it.”


Of course that's frustrating for anyone when you work hard to do well.


Stella had nothing but high praise for the people of Grove, Oklahoma where the FLW Fun Zone was held and largely attended.  “The community went above and beyond to make everything as easy as possible for the anglers,” she shared.


Due to the bad weather that Oklahoma has had recently, the anglers may have had to dodge large objects floating in the water, including grown trees, but they had great assistance from the community.  Volunteers were eager to help with the launching and loading.


There is a lot involved in keeping three fishermen on the water, but Stella and Dion's wife Amy managed to take a break occasionally.  They enjoyed watching this mother turtle lay and take care of her eggs  on the bank.



“We're looking forward to the next one which is the last regular season event,”  said Stella.



Lake Chickamauga in Dayton, Tennessee is the location of the sixth event to be held June 27-30, 2013.


Blog written by Leesa Nesty.