Written by:  Leesa Nesty

Guest post by:  Paul Jolly





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Today we're featuring Paul Jolly, a popular Indiana fisherman.  Just read about what happened to him recently...





By Paul Jolly



It happened when trying to retrieve my snagged Texas rig during an IBF (Indiana Bass Federation) tournament on the Ohio River.  Having been snagged several times and tired of the down time from retying, I eased the boat in close to some pretty gnarly trash.  Standing on the very tip of the boat, jabbing my rod tip deep into the submerged trees and root wads, to my surprise, the boat moved and I do a header into the mighty Ohio.  It was far from an Olympic quality dive, but on a scale of 0 to 10, and not having time to think about my form, I would still rate myself at least a 5 or 6.


My co-angler tried to take the blame as he was trying to keep the boat away from some overhanging limbs.  Nothing doing!  The blame falls on myself for trying to save 50 cents in terminal tackle.  Had I been using tungsten weights my efforts would have been justified.  Well, maybe not.


For when I surfaced, I did have my rod in one hand but the other was headed to my pocket only to find my iPhone as drenched as myself.  It was a wet and soggy remainder of the day, but catching several Bass made it worthwhile. 


Lessons learned and words to the wise:

1.                  Keep phone in a dry boat compartment while on the water.

2.                  Back up your phone data in your computer (such as iCloud).

3.                    For the aged (such as myself), remember, “You're no twinkle toes when it comes to balance and coordination.  You must learn that those blessed assets are eventually going to take a hike!



Good fishing and STAY DRY!