Written By: Guest Blogger Dave Lefebre 


The Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Chevy/Ranger Rig is loaded and ready to head south.


Tomorrow morning we will begin the long drive to Shreveport, Louisiana, site of the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup. The “Cup” is the Super Bowl of bass fishing and qualifying for it is a high priority for me and everyone each season, winning it is one of my ultimate goals as a professional angler. I’ve managed to qualify for the Cup every year since I’ve been fishing the FLW Tour, 11 times. I’ve come as close as you can come to bringing the trophy home to PA by painfully finishing second to the $1 Million winner in 2008 and making the top 10 cut on two other occasions. I’ve even led the event in the past, but the drive and desire to win it has never been stronger I promise you. Winning a championship or AOY in any sport is what we all play the game to achieve, to be the best at what you do for a time. Sure I’ve won a few major tournaments, but the Cup is not just any tournament.


Of my 11 Forrest Wood Cup appearances, this is the first one that truly fits my style to a T and though I’m obviously always pumped to fish a Cup, this particular one has me more jacked than ever before. It’s the Red River, the water will not be gin clear for a change and the winning fish are most likely going to be super shallow, not ultra deep as with most past Cups. It can be won fishing the way I love to fish and that thought itself is fueling me. It’s a big place with much strategy involved; decision making and mental awareness will be magnified. The only thing that doesn’t absolutely thrill me is the air temperatures in Louisiana in August, but I think I’m ready for it…I hope its 110 every day…Bring it!


I’ve had four days off to prepare and pack; my boat is totally ready to hit the water. I spent every day this week in the boat garage fine-tuning everything, and I mean everything. I’ve condensed my tackle as much as possible, changed all my line, made a zillion skirts, changed countless hooks, even oiled all of my reels, something I haven’t done in at least 20 years. I’ve been monitoring the weather and water levels on the Red for over a month now and studying maps for probably too long. I’ve packed the Suburban to the roof with extra and spare everything just to be safe.


I think I have cemented my game plan for the first day of our three-day practice period and have ideas at least for the other two days, but I’ll have to go with the flow on that. I didn’t go down before the cut-off as most other competitors, it was tempting, but I’ve never done that before so why start now. I like going in with a completely clean slate, no preconceived notions at all and no guides or locals messing with my mind. I’ve spent a total of 10 days on the Red River in the past, so I have some clue at least as far as navigating some of the more tricky areas, that’s the biggest problem on the Red River by far. I’m as ready as I can be.


My wife, Anne, and the kids are along for the trip as usual, not to mention the dog. We are all excited to be going on another road trip together, maybe our last of the year. Unbelievably, we’ve been doing this since our son was a newborn baby, but it honestly seems like I’m just getting started. Now Mitchell is 11 years old and Macy is 6 already…crazy. We will be camping at Red River South for the next 11 days, which is actually the launch site for the event as well, its very convenient for sure. We’ve always enjoyed our visits to the state of Louisiana.


It’s a dream come true to be doing what we’re doing and something Anne and I never take for granted. We thank God for his blessings every day and his protection as we travel across the country year after year. We often recall our very humble beginning in this sport and all the sacrifices made, and realize we could never do, or have done, any of this without the best sponsor team in the business. I head to Shreveport with not only fishing on my mind, but also with proudly representing the people who’ve made it possible for me be in Shreveport in the first place. Thanks to Kellogg’s, Chevy Trucks, Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Kinami Baits, Rapala/Storm, Terminator Lures, Sufix Fishing Line, Lowrance GPS/Structure Scan, Power-Pole, Reel Grip, and of course, Solar Bat Sunglasses for another successful season on the FLW Tour!


I’m looking forward to a great week and dreaming of finally winning the Super Bowl of bass fishing…I feel it.