by Larry Nixon

written August 5, 2013.

Preparing began with prefishing.  Earlier I prefished for three days and then cleared my mind.  That's the way I prepare.  Fishing is such a mental sport and I have to be mentally right for the time of year I'm fishing.


Next, I got my tackle reorganized.


Then I went back down and spent four more days there.  I looked at a lot of water and was somewhat able to rule out a few areas.  I've fished on the Red River several times so knowing the lay of the land  helps.


When I got back home I began getting everything in order.  I started with my lures and then worked on my rods and reels.  For this tournament I got a couple of new ones.  Mine get a workout so I want to make sure all the equipment I have is in top-notch shape.  There are two to three models I utilize with two types of action.


Of course, I have to have spares of everything.  If something breaks I want to know I have another one to take its place.  And that doesn't just mean lures and rods and reels.  I make sure I have my Solar Bat sunglasses and a spare.  I never want to be without them.


I stay positive so that means I plan ahead.  When I make the cut, that means I have to swap boats.  That makes a difference in how I pack.  I have to be ready to transfer my equipment, so when I leave to go to the tournament I'm already halfway organized to be able to make the switch for the finals.


While at home I work outside in the heat to stay acclimated.  That type of work keeps me prepared for the physical aspect of fishing a tournament in the heat and humidity.


My gear is now loaded and organized in my Chevy Suburban and I'm ready if the game plan changes.  I'm prepared for every scenario possible.  It's a river system – things change.


One way in which I've changed over the years is how I utilize new technology.  I always have my Iphone with me and I use it to keep an eye on the flow and the river levels.


I'm rooming by myself until Amy, my wife, gets here.  That way I don't have any outside distractions.


Like I said, fishing is a mental sport.  I keep my mind on what I'm trying to find.  But just finding them isn't always the only answer.  I have to find out what he wants to eat.


I'm ready.  Everything's in order so I know where it's at.  My skills are honed to use during those four days.  If it works like I want it to work I can win.  I WANT TO WIN THE CUP!  I've been so close so many times.  Yes, I'm a past Bassmaster Classic winner and I want this title also.  It's really gnawing at me for being so elusive.  I finished third at Lanier and I've finished fourth.  I had the fish to win in 2004 but a front came through and changed everything.


I'm ready and I'm ready to win.