Foundation of the Serve: The Foot Stance


If you watch the ATP & WTA Players competing at this year's French Open, you see a variety of foot movements before they hit their serve.  Despite the apparent variety, they all arrive back to one mission critical position before launching their racquet up and through the ball: a position of balance.  In the same way a rocket is launched from a solid, and perfectly balanced launchpad, so too must be the foot position before the rocket serve happens.


The variety that can be seen in the French Open players is a matter of personal style.  That is, they do what feels most comfortable to them.  The styles can be broken down into 4 choices.  Here they are:


Novak Djokovic Platform Stance

Andy Murray Pin Point Stance (a.k.a. Foot Up)

Giles Simon Double Pin Point Stance


Gael Monfils Reverse Pinpoint Stance (a.k.a. Front Foot Back)


There is no right or wrong choice here; only the one that feels the best for each player.  They all arrive at a position of balance.  The weight is loaded on the back foot, and then transferred up to the front foot after the serve is hit.  Regardless of how many or how few steps were taken before the toss, high level servers all do the same thing with their feet: the same thing.  So player of all levels can learn from these pro examples.  Try the various foot stances out and see which one feels right for your game.  Then make the choice and stick with it!