Brad Carlson, M.S., CSCS, USAW
Tennis Fitness Coach

One of the most important aspect to any practice, match or fitness session is a proper warm up. The warm up not only prepares your body physically for activity but also prepares you mentally. It's the time to get your mind and body set to train and become better. A proper warm up must consist of at least three different groups of exercises; dynamic stretching, movement prep and mobility. 

Dynamic stretching will involve stretches such as walking leg swings, quad pulls, knee to chest, can openers, etc... These are to be done in motion to get you ready for sport. Unlike static stretching however, you will not hold these at the end position.

The movement prep exercises will include high knees, butt kicks, lunges, skips, high skips, etc... These prepare your body for specific movements you will encounter during your training and/or match.

Mobility exercises are ones that help increase your mobility. Some good examples are; ankle rocks, cat camel, thoracic spine rotation, scorpions, open books, etc...

Example Warm Up:
20yd Jog Forward, 20yd Jog Backward x2
Knee to Chest 10yd, Quad Pull 10yd (done while walking)
Walking piriformis stretch 10yd, Leg Swing Walk x10yd
Lateral Squat 10yd each side
High Knees 10yd, Butt Kicks 10yd
High Skip 10yd, Distance Skip 10yd
Side Shuffle 10yd each side
Carioca 10yd each side
Inchworm x10
Scorpion x10
Thoracic Rotation x10
Cat Camel x10

While that is a very basic example of a warm up, it will properly prepare you for your activity. Again that is just an example an can be changed/ modified in many ways.