Prehab is an important aspect of fitness for any sport but in particular tennis. Tennis players often suffer shoulder injuries due to the amount of use they get, especially your dominant arm. Shoulder prehab is a great addition to a warm-up before fitness, practice or a match.

The purpose of prehab is to reduce the risk of injury in specific areas, in our case the shoulder. It's also a way to strengthen, increase mobility and stabilization of injury prone areas.

Some basic but effective shoulder prehab exercises are I's, Y's, T's, W's, External Rotation, Internal Rotation, etc... All can be done with resistance bands, weight plates or dumbbells. The key when using dumbbells or plates is to go light (0-5lb) to work the smaller stabilizing muscles instead of recruiting the bigger muscles.

Incorporating shoulder prehab into your everyday routine will reduce the risk of injury, improve strength, mobility, stability and joint function.