Agility Ladder Drills are essential to improving ones tennis game. Heck, they are essential to becoming an overall athlete in all sports. A common misconception of ladders is that they will make you a faster sprinter… wrong. Ladders will not directly make you a faster sprinter, but they do have many benefits especially for a tennis player. 

Agility Ladders allow you the freedom to work on your footwork with infinite patterns through the ladder. You can come up with any pattern and it will benefit you. Ladder drills are a great tool for dynamic warm up, they will improve coordination, balance and help you to understand how your body moves.

 Like I mentioned before, you can do just about anything with ladders which is what makes them great. To add a new dynamic to the standard ladder drills you can throw in acceleration out of the ladder, make the athlete go one direction or the other out of the ladder, have the athlete catch a ball while going through, etc… Ladders are a great tool for any tennis player to improve their movement.

 For some basic but effective exercises check out: