Creating Your Tennis Fitness Program (Part 1)
Throughout the next few weeks I want to help you create your own tennis fitness program designed specifically for you. This will be split up into a few different parts so that you can fully understand every detail of programming for yourself.
The very first step when programming is to come up with your own goals. These goals must be attainable and realistic goals. You can have both short term and long term goals, specific and broad goals. Make sure that these goals are fitness related, for example; I want to react/ get to drop shots quicker, I need to recover after a hit faster, I need work on my coordination, I need to improve my footwork, etc... Try to avoid goals that are specific to tennis such as improving your backhand, forehand, serve, etc... Your fitness training is meant to help you make a better athlete on the court while your actual tennis training will help to improve your tennis specific goals. 
When coming up with your goals think about what you need work on, where your weaknesses lie while playing. If you have trouble thinking of goals, don't be afraid to ask a coach or someone who you play with a lot as they will have another perspective of your game. 
These goals are important part of programming as they will help you pick the right exercises and set up to work on aspects of your game that you need to improve. Don't cheat yourself on this part of the programming, really think about what you need to improve, be honest with yourself and you will get the most out of your fitness program.