Creating Your Fitness Tennis Program (Part 2)


In part 1 of program design we talked about goal setting and its importance to a fitness program. The next step, which might seem pretty dumb and all about common sense, is know what you have access to. As simple as it seems, it's something that is often overlooked and can really screw up your program. For example; if you decided you wanted to do Medball Slams, you get to the gym and realize you don't have any, your plan is already messed up. 


Look into your training area be it a local gym, a school, your garage, a studio, anywhere, just make sure you know what you have. Do you have dumbbells? barbells? bands? medballs? track? pool? stairs? etc... A plan can be made for every kind of fitness setting even if you have nothing but a yard to workout in. During Part 4 (the last part of this programming series) I will go over exercises for those times that you have no equipment except a wide open space. No matter where you are, you can make a well balanced program for yourself. 


So quick recap, make sure you create attainable fitness related goals and scope out your workout area for what you have access to.