Get Those Glutes Firing:
Many peoiple have heard the glutes being called the "powerhouse of the body", and that is exactly what it is. The glutes are involved in just about every athletic movement especially in regards to producing power through the legs. It's important to make sure the glutes are working before any fitness as they are very important to getting the right muscles working in the correct way. To get the glute firing and ready for a workout you must add glute activation exercises in, usually with your warm up.
Activation can be done in a variety of ways but there are a few exercises I like my athletes to have in their warm ups. Most are very common within fitness programs and help the athletes to really get their glute firing and preped for a good session.
- Lunges, Lunge w/ Reach, Lunge w/ Rotation, Deep Squat, Glute Bridges, Alternating Glute Bridge, Monster Walks (with ankle band around ankles), Lateral Walks (with ankle band around ankles), Fire Hydrant, Hip Circles Foward/Backward
There are countless other exercises but those are some of my favorite to put into a program. Making sure the glutes are ready to go is an important part of your warm up to make sure you have the right muscles working during your workout. They truly are the powerhouse of the body. Always remember to get those glutes firing.