Attacking with the Drop & Charge!


Whether you're a recreational player, advanced junior tournament player, or anything in between, if you're playing singles matches the vast majority of your opponents are going to be baseliners.  This type of opponent presents a strategic problem from point one:


  • Should you try to out rally this player, which may be what you normally do, but also puts your opponent in their comfort zone?
  • Should you try to attack the net and force the baseliner to hit passing shots? That may be an option, but baseliners typically have good passing shots.  So this tactic could be risky.


Here's one way to take a bite out of the power baseliner's games.  It avoids trying to out rally the baseliner and makes hitting passing shots very difficult:


John McEnroe Drop Shot & Charge Clip


If you think this is an outdated strategy, think again. Here's a clip of the same play from this year's ATP Masters Final:

Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych London Masters 2015

When facing those tough as nails baseliners who like to grind it out over 20-30 balls/point, throw in the drop and charge, and you'll suddendly see the steam come off their groundstrokes!