Hard Court Tactics: Watch Out For the Drop Shot


The tennis being played at the US Open over the next two weeks is regarded as the fastest tennis of the year.  The court surface and the typically hot and humid air combine to make the ball rocket through the court.  Because of these conditions, you'll see plenty of off-the-charts hard hitting from all parts of the court.  One tactic to watch for that is often the difference is the drop shot.


With all the rocket serves, and atomic groundstrokes being launched every point, the receivers of these devastating shots are often pushed back far behind the baseline.  While they may do their best to recover back to the baseline, a drop shot hit on-the-rise is a very difficult shot to overcome.  Here's what it looks like when done to perfection:


Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal US Open 2011 Drop Shot Highlight


If you're playing in fast, hot conditions on a hard court, start the point with a lot of deep, powerful shots.  Once you've got your opponent's feet behind the baseline and can get yours in front of your baseline, unleash the drop shot.  It's a grueling play to withstand and can really keep your opponent off balance.