Bill Dance 1004 Signature Series Prescription

Bill Dance 1004 Signature Series Prescription

by Solar Bat $369.99

    Bill Dance 1004 has lenses that wrap around your eyes to maximize peripheral vision and block the elements from all angles. Temples have specially designed vent holes to allow the sunglasses to breath resulting in less lens fogging. Temples feature a metal Solar Bat® signature

Frame Size:
Eye: 62 mm
Bridge: 14 mm
Temples: 140 mm
Frame Color Options:

Sunglasses come with a protective nylon carrying case.

To read more about the tints click here

PNVXD Prescription Lens Tints: Available in Distance or Lined Bifocal
NO mirrors or gradients available
Available in prescription in distance or lined bifocal only.  
PRESCRIPTION RANGE:  Distance or lined bifocal only in +3.00 to -3.00 sphere and up to a 2.00 cylinder.  Any bifocal prescription from +1.00 to +2.50 is available.
YOU MUST fax a copy of your prescription with eye doctor’s signature to Solar Bat® at 812-986-3550.  The prescription must include your PD measurement (distance between your eyes).  If it does not call your doctor for that information before faxing.  For any questions call 800-761-8228.
Warranty applies to frames only.

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