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Gaming Glasses Blue Light Blocking

Do Gaming Glasses Block Blue Light?

Dr. Nesty’s background in eye care with a special interest in the aging changes that affect the eyes led to his extensive research into the detrimental effects of blue light on the human eye.  Just recently this has become a “hot” topic.  For many years research has shown that ultraviolet wavelengths, invisible to the human eye, contribute to the formation of cataracts, development of macular degeneration, and various forms of skin cancer.  Now research on blue wavelengths and particularly what is termed HEV wavelengths have come to the forefront in research.

 Blue light has the highest energy with the shortest wavelength of light visible to the human eye.  Physics dictates that the shorter the wavelength the higher the energy of that light   The higher the energy the more apt a wavelength is to scatter.  The sun is a natural source of blue light and when that blue light hits the earth’s atmosphere it is scattered due to its high energy level.  This phenomenon is the reason the sky is blue.  Because the sun is a natural source for blue light the human body becomes attuned to the blue portion of the visible spectrum as a signal to “wake up and become alert”.  Studies show that blue light impacts mood, cognitive function, and helps with memory.  

  The second type of lens is the type used in Solar Bat’s Computer and Gaming glasses.  These lenses have the same blue light reflecting coating however the lens material is infused with melanin pigment.  Melanin pigment is what gives your skin its color.  Melanin is a pigment also present in the human eye that helps reduce exposure to the harmful effects of blue light (HEV).  The reflective coating in addition to the melanin pigment infused into the lens material is the reason Solar Bat’s Computer and Gaming glasses give your eyes the protection they need from blue light (HEV) exposure.  Solar Bat’s lenses do have the bluish sheen but in addition, have a light brown tint.  It is this light brown tint that evidences the fact that these lenses are giving your eyes the protection they deserve.   This protection will result in less eyestrain, fewer headaches, improved eye health, and more vivid vision on digital devices.   I like to say, “If it isn’t brown it isn’t taking blue down”.

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