Solar Bat® raises the bar for sight fishing and driving sunglasses with these revolutionary polarized double gradient lens tints. A double gradient refers to a lens that has a darker tint at the top and gradually fades to a lighter tint just below the midline. Solar Bat®’s patented gradient tints, US Patent No. 7,775,659, include amber gradient and Mossback® gradient. Frames are designed to fit in a position that locates the eye, while in straight ahead gaze, at 30% of the distance below the top edge of the frame. We bring the darker tint in our double gradient down 55% from the top of the frame and that tint then gradually fades to a lighter high contrast tint.

Solar Bat® leads the way in innovated sunglasses tints!  If you do not believe this just try a pair of sunglasses with one of these polarized double gradient tints. You will love this technology or return your purchase within 21 days, in like new condition, for a full refund.


  • Top: 55% Amber – Bottom: 45% HiConY
  • Ultimate Driving Tint
  • 16 / 27% light transmission

This tint is amber in the top 55% of the lens and gradually fades to Hi Contrast Yellow in the bottom 45% of the lens.  Instead of changing sunglasses when light conditions change, the wearer can change tints with a tilt of the head.  Two sunglasses in one.


DRIVING and RIDING – in straight ahead gaze you have a blue blocking tint and when looking down into the shadows you have a 27% light transmission high contrast tint.  You never have to take your sunglasses off to look at something inside the car.
FISHING – great tint for moving in and out of the shadows on flat light days


  • Top: 55% Mossback® – Bottom: 45% HiConY
  • Ultimate tint for fishing
  • 15 / 27% light transmission

This tint is Mossback® in the top 55% and and gradually fades to Hi Contrast Yellow in the bottom 45%. You will never have to change sunglasses or remove you sunglasses again as light conditions change.


FISHING – See shallow water fish and underwater structure in bright light with the 15% light transmission Mossback® in straight ahead gaze or view through 27% light transmission with a tilt of the head when you move into the shadows. Never have to switch sunglasses again or compromise your visual performance on the water as you move in and out of low light conditions. The ultimate tint for sight fishing.
DRIVING – Looking in straight ahead gaze you will view through the Mossback® polarized tint and you will see through the rain. If you need to look down into the interior of the vehicle you will view through the HiConYellow polarized tint and all will brighten without removing your sunglasses. The ultimate tint for driving in the rain. Be safer when driving in the rain!

(Not to be used for night driving.)