Improving Your Fishing Skills Through Improved Visual Performance

Improving Your Fishing Skills Through Improved Visual Performance

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Solar Bat Performance Enhancing Lenses and Frames

Serious fishermen know that the best rod, reel, and line combination for throwing a crankbait is not ideal for throwing spinner baits, Carolina rigs, jigs, worms, etc.  I would suggest that when fishing for shallow water species of fish the most important asset in your boat is your vision.  Your vision is how you find shallow water fish and structure or targets.  No matter the quality of your rod and reel or your casting ability with that rod and reel, if you cannot see the fish or the target you are severely handicapped.

Fishing conditions vary from muddy water, to clear water, to tannic water.  The objects you are looking for in the shallows are of various colors.  Some days are bright and some days are overcast.   Sunglasses in a variety of tints can help you cope with these varying conditions. You are sacrificing visual performance and fishing efficiency if you do not match your sunglass tint to the conditions.  This is just as true as if you try to throw a Carolina rig on a rod and reel designed for fishing crankbaits.  Go to and read about our proprietary and patented tints and their applications to improve your visual performance on the water.

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