No Nonsense Warranty


Frame Warranty

No tricks. No nonsense. Simply the best warranty in the sunglass market. Broken frame parts are replaced at shipping costs no questions asked. Period.  

Just ship your sunglasses to Solar Bat® Enterprises, Inc. with a check for $12.50 to cover shipping & handling within the United States and $30.00 for shipping and handling outside the US. 

Lens Warranty

Does not apply to Prescription sunglasses.  Lenses are replaced with the same tint that was originally purchased, NO TINT CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED.

Damaged lenses are replaced at only $15.00 per lens plus $12.50 shipping per pair for as long as you own the glasses. Even if your dog chews ‘em up. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Replace 1 lens: Send your sunglasses in with a check for $27.50.

Replace 2 lenses: Total cost is $42.50.

Solar Bat® Warranty Address

Warranty claims are handled directly with Solar Bat® Enterprises, Inc. DO NOT RETURN TO THE DEALER.  To get your sunglasses repaired under the warranty return sunglasses, an explanation of what you want repaired, your name address and phone number, along with method of payment to:  

Solar Bat® Enterprises, Inc.
ATTN: Warranty Department
3628 East County Road 600 N
Brazil, IN 47834

For warranty issues , please email

If any of the above information is missing from the glasses that are sent in there will be a delay in getting your glasses fixed.  The Solar Bat® Warranty applies only to the original owner. Solar Bat® reserves the right to substitute different styles of sunglasses for discontinued styles at a discounted price. Warranty does not cover changes in prescription or damage to prescription lenses.


1.  Where do I send my glasses?  Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc. 
                                                        3628 East County Road 600 North
                                                        Brazil, IN 47834 USA
                                                        Attn:  Warranty Department
2.  Do I have to return my sunglasses? 
     If it is a nose pad, temple, or screw that needs replaced you can simply ask that we send you the replacement part at a charge of  $10.50.  If you need a frame front or lens/lenses replaced we will need the complete sunglasses returned to Solar Bat.
3.  How long will it take to repair my sunglasses?  
     Normally we ship repaired sunglasses back to you within 5 working days if we have all the information required to do the repair.
4.  What information do you need to repair my sunglasses?  
     You will need to include, inside the box with your sunglasses, your return address, phone number, a note explaining what you want repaired, and charge card information for the repairs.
5.  What is covered by the warranty? 
     Any part of the sunglasses for the original owner.
6.  What happens if my sunglasses are discontinued?  
     We keep parts for discontinued sunglasses for several years, however, there is a possibility that we no longer have the frame color or the parts you need.  If we no longer have the frame color we will switch you to another frame color.  If we no longer have any parts, which can happen if several years have gone by, we allow you to select an new frame of your choice at 50% off MSRP plus $10.50 shipping and handling.  This warranty exchange must be handled directly with Solar Bat.
7.  Can I change lens tint under the warranty?  No
8.  What will be the charges for warranty repair? 
     Any broken frame part is replaced for $12.50 shipping and handling and any damaged lens is replaced for $15.00 per lens plus $12.50 shipping and handling.
9.  Are prescription sunglasses covered by the warranty?  Frame parts are covered by the warranty but prescription lenses are not.
If you have additional questions not answered above please call Solar Bat at the warranty phone number 812-986-3551.

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Solar Bat Enterprises Inc.

3628 East County Road 600 North
Brazil, Indiana 47834
Ph: 812-986-3551