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Over 30 years of experience in the eye care field and optical industry more than qualifies Doc to design frames.  Doc picks a sport, questions participants on what problems they encounter in the frame styles they are currently wearing, and then solves those problems with new sports specific frame designs.  Many sports require the same unique design features.  Unobstructed peripheral vision is just as important to the golfer as the fisherman.  Sports are played outdoors and often under extreme conditions, so frames have to be designed to stay in place no matter how much you "sweat".  Frames have to gently hug your face to stay comfortably in place under all conditions.  Lens fog is the villain no matter whether it is the result of  heat and humidity or bone chilling cold temperatures.  Frames must be designed to allow lenses to breath to reduce lens fogging.  Frames have to be light in weight for all day comfort but rugged for years of service.  Doc knows how to design all these features into Solar Bat® frames.


Frame material is the key ingredient for durability, comfort, and weight.  Solar Bat® "plastic" frames are molded with a material know as TR90.  TR90 is universally considered the best light weight material for frame comfort and durability.  It is not the least expensive frame material, but simply the best frame material.  Solar Bat® "metal" frames are hand formed from either proprietary Durolar or aluminum and incorporate spring hinges to hug your head.


Solar Bat® developed TCG because you do not want your sunglasses to "use your nose like a ski slope in hot weather".  Our proprietary TCG material will actually increase grip on your head and nose as temperatures rise.  Frames incorporate TCG nose pads and in temple design.  TCG nose pads snap onto frames.  TCG, in most Solar Bat® frame temples, is co-injection molded into the TR90 frame material.


This is the latest technology in frame molding.  Old technology is to mold rubber temple boots and slide these boots onto the end of temples.  The boots may become loose and do not look like part of the frame but appear as what they are, an add-on.  In co-injection molding the TR90 material is first injected into the frame mold.  TCG material is then injected as a second injection and becomes a part of the frame. This process makes the TCG more durable and an actual part of the frame.  Frame lines have a better flow and a more attractive appearance.


Tighter is not better!  

Many people believe they should select a sunglass that fits close to the eyes, cheeks, and forehead to seal off all light and elements.  This fit will not allow lenses to "breathe" and assures that "sweat" will run down your forehead and onto the lenses as well as pool up between your cheeks and the bottom of the lenses.  Lenses have to "breath" to reduce lens fogging and this requires some space between the frame and your face.

Some people think that frames should fit tightly all along the side of the head.  This is not a good fitting sunglass frame.  Your head angles inward from a point above your ears toward your face.  If a frame fits tight in this area it will actually push itself down your nose.  This tight fit will also increase stress in the frame and cause it to break at the bridge or the eyewire.  Your head slopes inward from a point above your ears toward the back of your head, so a snug fit along this area will actually pull your sunglass back on your face.  Snug fit, strategically located, will keep your frames in place, tightness in the wrong area will cause your frames to slide down. 

The bridge of the frame should parallel the contour of your nose.  If the bridge is too wide it will slide to a point on your nose where the shape will parallel the contour of your nose.

We offer a fit guide on each sunglass style to help you decide which style will fit you best.  Be assured that if you select a frame that does not fit properly we will exchange sunglasses returned to us within 21 days of purchase, in like to condition, for a style that does fit.


No tricks. No nonsense. Simply the best warranty in the sunglass market. As long as you own the sunglasses, broken frame parts are replaced at shipping costs no questions asked. Period. FIND OUT MORE 

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