PNVX Polarized Tints




Solid Polarized Tints - Click here for more info

Amber (AP)
Filters blue light 
Excellent tint for low light 
16% transmission
Gray (GP)
Neutral filtration
Filters all colors equally
All purpose tint
14% transmission 
Hi Contrast Yellow (HCY)
Brightens your environment
Ultimate tint for low light 
27% transmission
Mossback® (MP)
Brightens green and bleaches browns
Designed for fishing and water sports
15% light transmission
Driving Green (Mossback® MP)
Brightens your environment
Allows you to see through the rain
15% transmission
(wear in daylight only)

Gradient Polarized Tints - Click here for more info

Amber Double Gradient (APCY)
Top 55% Amber Bottom 45% HiConY
Ultimate driving tint
16/27% transmission
Mossback® Double Gradient (MPCY)
Top 55% Mossback Bottom 45% HiConY
Ultimate tint for fishing
15/27% transmission

Inverted Gradient Polarized Tints - Click here for more info

Amber Inverted Double Gradient (AITH)
Top 25% HCY/Bottom 75% Amber
Ultimate tint for driving 
27/16% transmission
Mossback® Inverted Double Gradient (MITH)
Top 25% HCY Bottom 75% Mossback®
Ultimate tint for fishing
27/15% transmission


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Dr Gary Nesty called on his knowledge of optics and the human eye to design tints to enhance vision and thus performance in your chosen sport and outdoor activities.  


Doc knows how the human eye works and optically what is required of a sunglass lens to provide the wearer with unaffected depth perception and unrestricted peripheral vision.  Maximum eye protection and visual performance is best achieved with a sunglass lens that wraps around the face.  The trade off is that this lens design can adversely affect depth perception and constrict peripheral vision.  Doc designed PNVX optics to maintain the advantages of a wrap lens while avoiding the disadvantages. 


PNVX lenses are 95% as scratch resistant as glass and are 20% the weight and 10 times more impact resistant.  Polarized glass lenses frequently delaminate and Solar Bat® lenses rarely delaminate.  In 2012 less than 1% of the glasses prescribed by eye care professionals in the USA were glass lenses.  Glass lenses are old technology.  If you are still wearing glass lenses you need to jump into the 21st century with Solar Bat®.


Ultraviolet wavelengths are invisible to the human eye but nonetheless harmful.  UV light causes sunburn, skin cancers, cataract, and macular degeneration to name the most recognized complications of prolonged exposure.  Solar Bat® lens material is a 100% UV screen and we use polarizing film that is also a 100% UV screen.  Your eyes and the skin around your eyes are doubly protected from all harmful UV wavelengths.  


A scratch resistant coating is applied to the entire lens and then reapplied to double the thickness of the coating.  With normal care your Solar Bat® will give you years of service.  


Polarization is accomplished by incorporating a polarizing film into a lens no matter what the lens material.  One way to produce a polarized lens is to shape the lens, either by thermoforming or molding, then glue a polarized film onto the front surface.  This polarized lens configuration is utilized by many sunglass manufacturers but is unacceptable and does not meet the rigid standards of Solar Bat®.

Solar Bat®’s proprietary PNVX lenses are polarized by encapsulating the polarized film within a molded lens. A scratch resistant coating is then applied to the entire lens and then reapplied to double the thickness of the coating.  This protects the polarized film and results in a state of the art, optical quality product that is worthy to carry the Solar Bat® name.

Solar Bat® EMP has the maximum possible 99.9% polarization, you cannot have a higher level of polarization.


Glare is to your vision as static is to your hearing.  Polarized lenses eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces thus enhancing visual acuity and performance. 


Rain is clear.  Even though light levels are lower when it is raining you see the rain because it is reflecting what light is available. Polarization will eliminate the horizontally reflected light from the rain drops.  You will see through the rain and be a safer driver.  You must however use good judgement and not wear sunglasses when light levels are extremely low.  Mossback® was developed for fishing but subsequent research and testing proved that this green tint is the ultimate polarized tint for driving in the rain. 

If Mossback® polarized lenses do not make you a safer driver in the rain return the purchase within 21 days, in like new condition, and receive a full refund.


Shallow water fishing is a visual sport.  To target where fish live and eat you need to see stumps, lay downs, rocks, weed lines, and the fish.  Polarization will remove the glare from the surface of the water allowing you to see through to the bottom.  Now is when Doc's knowledge of selective wavelength technology will pay off for you.  Most of what you need to see is green.  Weeds are green and bass are green and the fact is a green lens will make green objects more visible.  The second fact is that a green lens will bleach out brown, the advantage is - off color and muddy water will be bleached our and your vision into the water will be improved.  How can you imagine a better lens tint than one that will make a bass more visible, increase the contrast between a bass and the spawning bed, make weeds and weed lines more visible, and bleach out and improve visibility in off color or muddy water?

If Mossback® is not the best fishing and sight fishing tint you have ever worn return the purchase within 21 days, in like new condition, for a full refund.


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