Solar Eclipse Eye Protection

Solar Bat Sunglasses owner and optometrist, Dr. Gary Nesty, has designed a safe sunglass for viewing this most spectacular show in the sky.  The lenses in Solar Bat Eclipse Sunglasses are molded polycarbonate and are optical quality.  The lenses have an extremely dark tint that is ISO 12312.2 certified safe for viewing the eclipse.  The polycarbonate material filters the ultraviolet wavelengths, and the tint filters the infrared radiation while reducing the brightness of the sun.  Optical quality gives you the sharp clarity of the eclipse.  Dr. Nesty designed these eclipse glasses to give ultimate protection at a modest price that is affordable for everyone.  Cardboard disposable eclipse sunglasses are being marketed but as Dr. Nesty says, “Knowing the potential for irreversible visual damage when viewing an eclipse, I would never trust my visual health or that of my loved ones to a cheap cardboard disposable sunglass.”