Tennis Testimonials

"I have been using Solar Bats sun glasses on the tennis court for 3 years.  They not only protect my eyes from the glare, but help me see the ball better and earlier.  The gradated lenses help reduce glare when balls are hit higher over the net.  I highly recommend these to all my students."
Alan Cutler
Director of Tennis -
USPTA Master Professional
HEAD/Penn National Advisory Staff

"I have found the Solar Bat Leverage glasses to be the best tennis sunglasses I have been able to find.

Recently, I had a pair which needed a repair which I understand is a rare occurrence. I contacted J. R. Longley

about getting them repaired. He gave me instructions on the process and within 2 weeks I had them back,

repaired, and ready for use. I only paid to ship them and $8.50 for the return shipping and handling cost.

What great service! I am so impressed with J R Longley and Solar Bat sunglasses."


"I have never thought I could see the ball as well with sun glasses, so even though I had a pair of Bolle's, I never

wore them. I had a chance to get a pair of Solar Bats. This past spring I had a day match and both my

opponent and I were changing our tosses drastically, hitting soft serves, double faulting etc.serving from the

sun side. I wound up losing the first set. I told him I left my glasses in the car and he allowed me to retrieve

them. With my Solar Bats, I could make my normal toss and hit my normal serve. I wound up winning the

match. I have been a fan since then and I always wear them when the sun is blinding on overheads and serves.

They are fantastic glasses that can adjust to the fit that is comfortable on your face. Thanks Solar Bat for

making glasses so I can SERVE INTO THE SUN."


"I bought a pair of Leverage XZ series last weekend for tennis. Someone else must have loved them as much as

me because they were stolen so I got on line and ordered another pair this week! Love 'em! Thanks JR


Bought my glasses last month at tournament in Daytona. Played my last USTA league match in NC this past

Saturday in the heat of the day & sun at it's zenith. Won tie brake as I could actually see the ball on my

serve & opponent double faulted 3X's...really worth $."


"I think I was one of the first people to try the Solarbat Leverage glasses. I had hoped the advantage the glasses

gave me would remain "my secret weapon" on the court but the fact of the matter is, these glasses are just

too impressive to keep a secret for very long. One look through the gradient lens and tennis players are

SOLD! I am usually not victim to clever marketing schemes and gimmicks so I don't know that I would have

"taken the plunge" without the opportunity to see the glasses first hand. That's a real shame because I know

the Solarbat folks can't possibly meet every player in the country face to face. The glasses have made such a

difference, I no longer stress on bright, sunny matches in the South. I hit serves and overheads as easily on

sunny days as I do playing indoors - WITHOUT PROBLEM. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a

product with no gimmick, just fabulous performance. The adjustable nose bridge makes these glasses

soooo comfortable and I can make them fit exactly where I want them. Can't say enough good things."


"I purchased my Solar Bat's at the Combo Tournament in Dalton Ga in Nov 2009 and have never been more

pleased with any purchase I made in my life. They do just what they are advertised to do which is allow me to

finally serve into the sun as well as making the ball appear brighter just like my Bolle's did. The biggest

difference is the guys at Solar Bat made the lens darker than Bolle which we all know has been needed. I

can't understand why no sunglass company has ever done what these guys have by making the lens a

gradient with it being so much darker on the top than the bottom but the transition isn't noticeable. My

Bolles are now in the trash because I have found a true pair of tennis sunglasses and no longer have to walk

on the court just hoping I can see. Thanks Solar Bat South! I wish you luck and congrats on inventing a

product that actually works. I wish I would have thought of it first."


"I'm writing this message to let you know how much I love my new Solarbat glasses. I purchased them last

November and think they are the best sport sunglasses out there. I'm an avid tennis player and these frames

are impressive, the clarity is incredible. When purchasing the sunglasses, JR- from Solarbat, was extremely

knowledgeable about the product and made the buying experience top notch. If you haven't tried Solarbat,

give them a try, you won't regret it."


"I purchased my Solarbat glasses last year at the USTA Combo tournament. I had been looking for a pair of

Sunglasses to use while playing tennis for a while. The gentleman selling them gave me a lot of good info on

the glasses and they sounded exactly like what I was looking for. So I decided to try them out. They work

GREAT and are easily adjustable, so they fit perfect and don't move around on your head, which some glasses

tend to do. I agree with Todd, the frames are impressive and the clarity is Incredible. These are Definitely

worth the money."


"I was very happy with the sales persons, Jim Tibbs and JR Longley. They were professional and helpful."


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