"In my 11 years as a Professional Tennis Instructor I've tried sunglasses from Oakley, Rudy Project, Maui Jim, and even the Bolle Tennis specific Competivision lens.  None of them approach the Solar Bat Leverage lens in making the ball and the lines show up more clearly.  The glasses are also the best I've tried in fighting against lens fogging, blocking sweat, and overall glasses stability.  My head might move around, but the glasses stay in place.  The completely unique feature of the top of the lens being extra dark to allow me to keep the ball in focus on the serve toss even in the face of the intense Georgia sun, is icing on the cake! These tennis sunglasses will help any level of player improve their results on court!"

Robb Julian, USPTA P1, USPTR Pro

USTA High Performance Coach
 "My pair of Liberty glasses have been to Iraq and other deployments across the world over the last 7 years. Great glasses and Solar Bat is a great company. Your staff has been a great help to me!!"
Kenneth F. Newsome
Chief of Training
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Noncommissioned Officer Academy

"I am a Michigan resident and have been using solar bat only in my fishing since 1998. I recently tried another pair of fishing glasses as to maybe see what i have been missing using the same glasses for so long. I owned them for 2 weeks and when out fishing i had a bass up to the side of the boat with a crankbait in it's mouth, the crankbait came out and sling shot me in the glasses/eye and rang my bell a little. When the smoke cleared I had lost a lens i never found and the frames were broken, i immediately realized how lucky i was not to loose my eye but realized it was just that luck, because the $80 pair of glasses i bought failed and were left in shambles.......lesson learned I won't stray again, i was always aware of all the great benefits but started taking them for granted. Thanks Gary for making the best glasses in the business."

Brian Feutz

 "Hi to all the fans and customers of Solarbat. I wanted to tell everyone how excited I was to be back with Solarbat and to let everyone know how well Solarbats performed at the recent St.Johns River Bassmaster Elite Series event. At the recent BASS event I wore the Captains frame with the amber lenses. They allowed me to see fish in a tanic off colored water situation much better than I was previously seeing. I finished 13th in the event! I look forward to the upcoming events and having wearing my Solarbats!"


Matt Herren
Bassmaster Elite Series Pro
Solar Bat Pro-Staff
“These shades are just what anglers have been needing for years,” he said. “NOCS have high quality polarized lenses but are still stylish and comfortable at a great price. I know lots of anglers will rely on NOCS like I now do.”
To read the rest of his article Click Here


John Crews
Bassmaster Elite Series Pro
Solar Bat/ NOCS Pro-Staff

" I purchased a pair of your Solar Bat sunglasses from Bass Pro Shop in North Carolina.  I am an avid Crappie fisherman and I wear your glasses when fishing, I was fishing Saturday and was loading my boat back on the trailer after a day of fishing and I had to remove a spider rigging from the bow of my boat to get access to the trolling motor.  The rigging was stuck in the holder and I was standing over it pulling hard and at the last second it released hitting me in the face.  I had your glasses on and they deflected the blow away from my eyes just enough to keep me from a fatal injury to my right eye.  Although the glasses were cracked and scratched I am thankful that your glasses saved me from loosing my eye.  My doctor stated if it hadn't been for your glasses I would have lost my eye.  So thank you for making a great product. " 
Keith Parker
Fisherman and Solar Bat Customer
North Carolina

"My tour in Iraq was ended early so I am back in the States.   While I was there, I used the mossy oak gradient lenses in Iraq and found that they worked very well in the intense sunlight.  I also had the opportunity to compare the Solar Bats to Oakleys and found the clarity much better on the Solar Bats.  Additionally the quality of the frames on the Solar Bats was much better than that of the Oakleys.  Overall, I would definately use the Solar Bats over the Oakleys anyday."
Patrick Clark 

This is my second year with Solar Bat and I could not be more excited about the frames and lenses that are available.  Last year I was running the Batitude Frames with the Mossback Gradient as well as a pair of Blast Frames with Amber Lenses.  It is so nice to be able to fish all day with prescription lenses, saving my eyes from long days on the water with contacts has been key to multi day tournament success.  For sight fishing, I believe there is no better lens than the Mossback Gradient.  It provides so much flexibility on the water for ever changing springtime lighting conditions.
This year I am opting for the Batitudes with the Mossback Gradients, however for my style of fishing the inverted gradient will be the ticket.  I can't wait to get them in hand and out on the water to help me find those bigger bedding fish that are so key to winning springtime tournaments.  
Thanks for all you do in fishing Gary!
Ben Foster
Captains are the first pair I bought 3 years ago. I loved them so much I bought another pair for my son. They fit my head and my sons every well. I don't ever worry about them falling off my head.  I love my Batitude with amber tint they are the best thing since a rod and reel. They don't slide off your face you you are hot and sweaty. I wear them everywhere I go.
Nick Wiseman


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