Bat Eye Polarized

In 1997 Solar Bat introduced the revolutionary Bat Eye sunglass design at the Bass Master Classic outdoor show.  Solar Bat had one fisherman in the Classic wearing the Bat Eye.  That fisherman was Dion Hibdon and Dion won that Classic.  That was quite an introduction for a new sunglass style.

The Bat Eye was revolutionary because of its lens shape, small by many standards, but designed to fit the eye socket and eliminate all light from around the lens.  Because of the lens shape and the design of the bridge it fit great on well over 90% of the people who tried it on.  The most revolutionary feature, however, was the way the lenses fit on the frame.  The lenses attached to the front of the frame on three metal pegs and not inside the frame into an eyewire groove.  This design allowed the lenses to be further away from the wearer’s eyes resulting in less lens fogging.  People with long eyelashes, who had always had trouble finding a sunglass their eyelashes did not rub, were delighted that their problem was solve.  In addition to the lens positioning, allowing more ventilation between the lens back surface and the wearer’s eyes, there were vent holes in the top of the frame to allow heat to escape.  This further reduced lens fogging.  The holes in the top of the frame were a result of the lenses mounting on front of the frame and not in a lens groove, which is where the vent holes were placed.

For ten years the Bat Eye was Solar Bat’s #1 selling sunglass style.  Then the mold wore out and the Bat Eye went out of production.  Many fishermen who wore the Bat Eye still say the style was the absolute best fishing sunglass ever sold.  There is not a week goes by that Solar Bat does not hear, “do you still have any Bat Eyes?” or “are you going to bring back the Bat Eye?”  Now Solar Bat has searched the warehouse and found a number of brand new Bat Eye frames.  We are offering the Bat Eye in limited quantities on a first come first serve basis with Solar Bat’s, new in 2018, PNVXG2 lenses in Amber, Gray, Mossback, HiConYellow, Amber Green Mirror, Gray Ice Blue Mirror, Mossback Gradient and Mossback Inverted Gradient.  The frames are a rootbeer color with printed Solar Bat logo and name and will come with a Solar Bat pouch.

We are making this limited quantity Bat Eye sunglass offering to kick off our new website.  Do not be sorry, order your Bat Eye today and own a piece of fishing history.

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