Bill Dance Signature Series

Bill Dance changed the sport and recreation of fishing.  Anyone who fishes even occasionally, and even folks who do not fish, recognize Bill Dance as one of the most influential outdoor personalities. The Bill Dance Signature Series sunglasses capture the essence of Bill Dance’s demand for high quality fishing products.  As with our other Pro Edition Series, like the Aaron Martens Signature Series, Solar Bat designed the Bill Dance Signature Series sunglasses for a multitude of environmental conditions and fishing conditions.

The Bill Dance Signature Series feature PNVXG2 lenses. The PNVXG2 lens has all the optical properties of the PNVXD lens but has a center thickness of 1.5mm. Each lens boasts of high impact resistant standards, which exceed all current government standards. The PNVXG2 lenses have a double thickness scratch resistant coating on both the front and back surface. Incredible polarization is 99.9% and the lenses block all harmful UV wavelengths. All frames are constructed of durable, yet lightweight, TR90 material and many also feature TCG co-injection in the temples and on the nose pads. The Bill Dance Signature Series sunglasses will stay in place on your face with frame design and resulting frame fit allowing lenses to “breath” reducing fogging.

Pro Edition Series sunglasses are available in Amber, Amber Green Mirror, Gray, Gray Ice Blue Mirror, HiConYellow, Mossback green, Mossback Gradient, and Mossback Inverted Gradient lens tints.

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