Bill Dance Sunglasses

Bill Dance is synonymous with fishing.  Most bass fishermen perceive Bill Dance as one of the primary reasons bass fishing has become commonplace in urban and rural communities.  From his outgoing television personality to his ethical dedication to the fishing industry, Bill Dance has become a household name for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.  To honor Mr. Dance’s contributions to fishing and outdoor activity, Solar Bat Sunglasses designed multiple polarized fishing series sunglasses with Bill Dance’s guidance and approval.

Both Bill Dance’s Pro Edition Series sunglasses and Pros and Heroes Polarized Sunglasses are featured on this page.  Solar Bat Sunglasses and Bill Dance collaborated and designed each pair of fishing sunglasses for recreational fishing and competitive tournament fishing. Bill Dance Sunglasses protect fishermen’s eyes, improve visual clarity, and rest snuggly on the fishermen’s face despite ongoing movement (fishing or boating movement). Bill Dance’s dedication to Solar Bat Sunglasses is appreciated!

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