Driving Series

Iconic automotive logo emblems influence entire cultures. Cherished automotive companies dazzle the general public with new models each year.  And as we age, these emblems intertwine with memories of our family and friends.  Essentially, each logo emblem, due to its influential presence, actually becomes a part of our collective cultural identity.  And, of course, many automobile enthusiasts simply love a particular automotive brand and/or emblem to the other famous emblems.  However, many automotive brand-oriented individuals embrace the opportunity to wear iconic automotive emblems on their sunglasses.

Solar Bat’s Driving Series sunglasses celebrates General Motors, Chevrolet, Corvette, and Camaro by integrating these logos and emblems into high quality polarized sunglasses for driving.  For example, the legendary Chevrolet Bowtie originated during the initial days of automotive manufacturing. Despite its older identity, automotive enthusiasts connect with its origin and place in automotive history.  However, now car enthusiasts can proudly display emblems like the Bowtie on Solar Bat Sunglasses.  These polarized sunglasses make driving a cinch!  Customers who are accustomed to non-polarized driving sunglasses or outdoor sunglasses will instantly fall in love with the polarized Solar Bat Driving Series sunglasses.

Solar Bat has the license agreement with General Motors for not only the Bowtie but also logos and emblems for Camaro and Corvette. Boldly display your loyalty to these outstanding automotive brands by wearing a pair of officially licensed Driving Series Solar Bat Sunglasses. Chevrolet, Camaro, Corvette, and all related model body designs are General Motors trademarks used under license to Solar Bat.

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