Golf Series

Golf players spend years and years out in the sun, exposed to Nature’s destructive elements.  Over the years, new sun-prevention apparel has surfaced to combat the sun’s harmful rays.  However, golf sunglasses, in large part, lacked effective frame designs (angles, materials, shape) and inadequate lenses.  Why continue to overpay for inferior golf sunglasses when a more affordable, yet superior sunglass could be manufactured?  Very few golfers, once exposed to a new product, would choose a more expensive, yet inferior eyewear product.  The Golf Series, created by Solar Bat, improved on existing golf sunglasses and golf eyewear.

Improve your putting skills with Solar Bat Selective Wavelength Filtration technology. Paramount to putting skills is the golfer’s ability to read the contours and grain of the green. A golfer can spend countless dollars on the latest and greatest driver to add 5 yards. If you add 5 yards have you really reduced the strokes to get on the green? What if for a relatively small amount of money you could improve your putting skills by better reading the grain and contour on the greens? The results would be consistently lower scores and an improved handicap. If you want to improve your scores and amaze your friends with better putting skills then the Solar Bat Performance Golf sunglasses are your answer. Drive for show and putt for dough.

Performance Golf Green and Performance Golf Brown Lens Tints: Improve performance on greens with enhanced visual clarity for reading grass grain and reading grass contours.  Both assist with higher level assessment of green conditions, which ultimately helps golfers putt in specific ways according to the conditions.

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