Hank Parker Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses sponsors the legendary, much loved Hank Parker.  Hank Parker’s fishing industry experience spans across 42 years!  Hank has seen just about everything in the bass fishing world – from tournament bass fishing competitor to a popular television host.  Solar Bat Sunglasses collaborated with Hank Parker on several different product lines, identifying essential sunglass features that would protect anglers’ eyes and enhance, if not improve, fishing outcomes.  The collaboration worked brilliantly and Solar Bat Sunglasses developed multiple sunglass designs to accompany chosen light-oriented lens tints. Hank Parker Sunglasses absolutely enhance recreational fishing and competitive bass fishing. Hank Parker’s magnificent fishing career speaks volumes about his credibility and loyalty.  Solar Bat Sunglasses values Hank Parker as a Pro Edition Series angler.

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