Hunting Series

Solar Bat Sunglasses specializes in designing, producing, and selling high quality sunglasses for a variety of outdoor tasks, duties, and activities.  However, Solar Bat developed the Hunting and Shooting Series sunglasses for intense outdoor activity that is both demanding on the wearer’s mind/body and the hunting equipment he/she uses.  This is especially true of hunting eyewear or shooting eyewear.  Solar Bat created a variety of frame styles and lens tints specifically tailored for hunting series sunglasses and shooting series sunglasses.  In both case, a well-balanced catalog of affordable hunting series and shooting series sunglasses.

Dr. Nesty, owner of Solar Bat and licensed ophthalmologist, invested years into field testing the Hunting Series sunglasses.  The response was overwhelmingly positive!  Since then, serious hunters of all types and preferences purchase Solar Bat’s Hunting Series sunglasses to improve visual clarity, individual comfort level, and finally, long-term durability.  The Hunting and Shooting Series appeals to novice hunters, experienced hunters, and professional hunters/guides.  Without a doubt, Solar Bat Sunglasses designs and sells a variety of hunting and shooting series sunglasses that improve hunting and shooting activities while also providing tremendous eye protection.

FRAME MATERIAL: Polycarbonate Safety Rated

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