Jimmy Houston Sunglasses

Jimmy Houston stays busy!  From outdoor fishing shows to competing as a professional bass fishermen in the FLW, Jimmy Houston invests the majority of his time into outdoor activities of all types.  This FLW Pro Angler is well-known throughout the world for his gentle-hearted nature and dedication to the fishing industry.  Solar Bat Sunglasses and Jimmy Houston Fishing worked together to identify essential fishing sunglass features that not only protect a fishermen’s eyes from flying debris (crankbaits, weights, hooks, insects, and more) but also enhance the fishing experience by providing additional visual clarity.  Jimmy Houston Sunglasses by Solar Bat Sunglasses introduce fishermen to high quality, yet affordable polarized fishing eyewear.

Choose from multiple frame styles and different lens tints for different weather and light conditions that impact on-the-water or on-the-road visibility.  These Jimmy Houston Sunglasses range from the Pro Edition Series to the Pros and Heroes Polarized Series Sunglasses.  Bass fishermen seeking quality sight fishing sunglasses find all Jimmy Houston Sunglasses helpful.  Saltwater fishermen, too, find these polarized fishing sunglasses assistive when fishing shallow bays and journeying across the open sea to catch fish of a lifetime.  Solar Bat Sunglasses invested time and resources into manufacturing durable, fishing-appropriate, and vision-enhanced sunglasses.  Empowering fishermen around the world with one pair of polarized fishing sunglasses at a time – that’s the Solar Bat Mission!  Many thanks to Jimmy Houston for his loyalty and dedication.

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