Prescription Series

Dr. Gary Nesty founded Solar Bat Sunglasses in May 1994.  At that time, consumers seeking prescription sunglasses for a variety of activities struggled to find an affordable access to sports industry-related prescription frames and lenses. Performance eyewear and protective eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts must feature wrap-around designs, for the ideal facial fit.  This particular frame design blocks the sun and all its elements from all angles. Unfortunately, an undesirable side effect of this wrap-around design induces prism, which bends and redirects light and ultimately negatively impacts depth perception and visual clarity.

Because of these problematic depth perception and visual clarity issues, wearers who need prescription lenses cannot adapt to wrap around sunglass designs.  However, Dr. Nesty addressed this issue and provides practical solutions through his innovative Solar Bat Sunglasses designs. Solar Bat’s success rate on prescription sunglasses is over 97%.  Proud of this incredible success rate, Solar Bat promises that if a customer cannot adapt to his or her new prescription sunglasses, consumers may return the sunglasses 15 days for a refund.  Solar Bat demonstrates its commitment and dedication to effectively producing high-achieving prescription sunglasses for active outdoor enthusiasts.

Solar Bat Prescription Sunglasses are available in a prescription range of -4.00 to +3.50 with cylinder up to -2.50. If you require a bifocal for near work, Solar Bat does all bifocal adds in lined bifocals only. No-line bifocals are available on a special order basis through a phone consultation with Solar Bat. When ordering prescription Solar Bat sunglasses customers must furnish a written hard copy of the prescription with PD measurement. The prescription can be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed.

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