Pro Edition Series Fishing Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells polarized pro edition series fishing sunglasses to bass fishermen, saltwater fishermen, crappie fishermen, and tournament anglers.

Solar Bat Sunglasses designed the innovative Pro Edition Series Fishing Sunglasses for serious fishermen of all types.  Bass fishermen, crappie fishermen, and saltwater fishermen find the Pro Edition Series helpful in locating and catching fish while also protecting their eyes and providing brilliant visual clarity.  Veteran anglers and outdoor specialists thoroughly tested their chosen sunglass model.  Months to years of development created the foundation for these popular high quality polarized fishing sunglasses.

  • FRAME MATERIAL: Lightweight, durable TR90
  • LENS MATERIAL: PNVXG2 with 99.9% Polarization, Scratch Resitant
  • FEATURES: TCG co-injection in the temples and on the nose pads (most models)

In 2018 Solar Bat introduced the PNVXG2 lenses in the Pro Edition Polarized Series. Dr. Nesty worked diligently to design an optical quality lens at a lower price point without sacrificing quality of polarization, ultraviolet blocking properties, and maintaining totally natural vision.

The PNVXG2 has all of Solar Bat’s proprietary optical qualities making this lens design equal to or superior to lenses in sunglasses costing two to three times more money. The lenses are 1.5 mm in center thickness and meet all Untied States Government FDA standards for impact resistance. Lenses have a double thickness scratch resistant coating on both the front and back surfaces. Polarization is 99.9% and the lenses are built on an 8 curve to wrap around the face of the wearer providing unrestricted peripheral vision.

In short, Dr. Nesty designed and produced a new lens so that everyone can now afford an optical quality polarized sunglass.

PNVXG2 polarized lenses are available in Amber, Gray, HiConYellow, Mossback, Mossback Gradient, Mossback Inverted Gradient, Amber Green Mirror, and Gray Ice Blue Mirror.

Pro Edition Series sunglasses are available in Amber, Amber Blue/Green Mirror, Gray, Gray Ice Blue Mirror, HiConYellow, Mossback Green, Mossback Gradient, and Mossback Inverted Gradient lens tints.

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