Pros And Heroes Series

Solar Bat Pros and Heroes Polarized Series Sunglasses

Solar Bat designed the Pros and Heroes Polarized Series sunglasses to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun and nature’s environmental surprises, regardless of the sport or outdoor activity. Solar Bat innovatively constructed each frame with rugged, durable polycarbonate. These remarkable lenses are 1.0mm TAC with 99.9% polarization and block all harmful UV.
While the Pros and Heroes Polarized Series is designed as a sunglass for “Any Sport, Any Time of Day,” Solar Bat utilized its veteran, highly experienced group of professional fishermen to “torture test” each sunglass design. Each design that was tested by select veteran anglers carries that professional fisherman’s signature. This evaluation method occurred prior to the series’ release to outdoor sunglass markets. Because these elite polarized sunglasses withstood our professional fishermen’s thorough and exhaustive outdoor testing, Solar Bat knows that these polarized sunglasses will exceed consumer expectations in any outdoor activity that requires exceptional eyewear.
Solar Bat Pros and Heroes Polarized Series Sunglasses

Solar Bat chose the TAC material because of its stability under various temperature and humidity levels. Let’s face it: the weather rarely cooperates with outdoor enthusiasts who are pursuing their career, passions, and hobbies. Your lens material and its stability should not fluctuate simply because weather patterns do. As such, Solar Bat Sunglasses also recognizes that when lens material is stable, the vision afforded by those lenses is likewise stable. These elite sunglass lenses ensure that all harmful UV rays filter prior to damaging your eyes. These frames, too, are designed for facial stability that prevents unwanted frame movement, slipping, sliding, or falling off due to weather conditions. Solar Bat recognized the need for a truly revolutionary frame design that limited lens fogging, an annoyance that disrupts outdoor activity. In response to this need, Solar Bat designed a breathable frame that significantly reduces unwanted lens fog. Simple, yet revolutionary, added space around eyewire circumference eliminated much of the fogging issues. Each frame and lens style exemplifies an 8-radius wrap that allows lenses to wrap around your face and provide unobstructed peripheral vision. Safety, comfort, and style influence Solar Bat designs, ensuring that each customer achieves the highest level of satisfaction possible.

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