Tennis Series

Tennis players literally wear themselves out with the constant back and forth, running, hitting, jumping, and side-to-side movement.  However, before the true physical exertion begins, tennis players must first see the ball and court in order to react and adapt accordingly.  This means visual enhancement will positively impact a tennis player’s game.  Solar Bat Sunglasses created the Tennis Series for recreational tennis players and competitive match tennis players – both of whom benefit from wearing Solar Bat’s exceptional tennis-inspired, constructed-for-tennis sunglasses.  Tennis sunglasses must meet the visual demands tennis players experience.  Solar Bat’s Tennis Series sunglasses exceed industry standards and create consistent visual clarity.

Due to Solar Bat’s unique frame modifications and materials used, Solar Bat’s Tennis Series sunglasses fit snuggly on the player’s face.  The frames themselves are incredibly durable and comfortable, so wearer’s can expect long-term use without incessant headaches (many sunglasses poorly fit the wearer, which results in mini-headaches).  Because tennis itself requires constant movement, Solar Bat Sunglasses designed the Tennis Series sunglasses to stay put, counteracting the tendency for tennis sunglasses to fall off, move, fog up, or actually impede the player’s court vision.  Solar Bat’s innovative frame design, materials, and lens performance make these tennis sunglasses perfect for frequent tennis matches or tennis practice.


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