Women's Golf Series

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells durable Women’s Golf Series sunglasses,  Most golfers, whether recreational golfers or competitive golfers, would agree that few sports are as difficult as golf.  Golf is especially demanding of a golfer’s eyes.  However, Solar Bat Sunglasses designed this series to protect and serve a golfer’s eyes.  Choosing to design female-inspired golf series sunglasses, Solar Bat embraces the challenge of adding style, comfort, and functionality that contributes to successful golfing.  The end result, of course, is the official Women’s Golf Series sunglasses.

Play golf in style, with purpose, and without eyestrain!  Solar Bat Sunglasses tested these golf sunglasses for durability, comfort, sunglass stability (lack of unintended sunglass movement), and lens effectiveness.  Each pair of sunglasses reflects this dedication to designing the ultimate outdoor sunglass eyewear for women, especially for golfing.  Like our Women’s Leverage Tennis Series, this Golf Series contributes directly to greater focus via extreme visual clarity. Use Solar Bat’s Selective Wavelength Filtration to read the greens, both grain and contours, like never before.

Below visitors and customers may view each product line within the sunglass series.

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