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Bill Dance is one of the most loved and respected fishing professionals. Very few, if any, bass anglers’ names carry as much respect, admiration, and credibility.  Imagine the excitement when Solar Bat and Bill Dance united to design, develop, modify, and test multiple Bill Dance Fishing Series Sunglasses.  Because Bill Dance himself and Solar Bat expect the highest quality products and services, the entire design process influenced the next generation of high quality, yet affordable polarized fishing eyewear sunglasses.  Many styles, different sizes, incredible lens tints/colors for specific weather conditions … Each Bill Dance Series appeals to recreational fishermen to competitive bass anglers and experienced boating professionals.  The Bill Dance Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses are globally well-known and used by fishermen, anglers, and boaters of all experience levels.  Designed with Solar Bat’s Shiny Black frame color and unique TCG temple boots/nose pads (prevents unintended sunglass movement while fishing), the Bill Dance Series 1 provides novices and experienced bass fishermen and crappie fishermen with affordable and durable polarized fishing sunglasses.  

Bill Dance Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Black
  • TCG TEMPLE BOOTS: Black temple boots/nose pads for gripping/less movement
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium to Large Face with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 72 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 17 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 120 mm
  • LENSES: 1.0mm TAC with 99.9% Polarization and blocks harmful UV Rays


Bill Dance Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

  SOFT GREEN (G): Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. Enough green in the tint to highlight the green coloration in fish and aquatic vegetation.  Light transmission is 15%

 BROWN (B): Pure brown tint is for flat or lower light conditions. Excellent for cloudy or partly cloudy days in the outdoors. Light transmission is 16%.

 BROWN WITH GREEN GRADIENT MIRROR (BM): All the properties of the Brown tint but with a green mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 11% in the top and 16% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

 SOFT GREEN WITH BLUE GRADIENT MIRROR (GM): All the properties of the soft green tint but with a blue mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 10% in the top and 15% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

Bill Dance Polarized PH Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses

Magnificent personalities fill the entire fishing industry.  From the originators in the sport and business-end of the industry to the newcomers who dominate bass fishing tournaments, the entire industry itself is blessed with unique individuals with generations of fishing experience.  There are those individuals, too, who, in their own right, are in their own universe – just in terms of their influence on the sport, recreation, hobby, and business.  Bill Dance blessed the fishing industry with many years of televised fishing, fishing seminars, and helping beginners in the business.  He is, undoubtedly, one of the most respected human beings in this tight-knit industry.  Solar Bat feels gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with such an experienced fishing professional.  As such, we encouraged Bill Dance to put his individual fishing series sunglasses to the ultimate tests on a repeated basis.  Solar Bat concluded the design and development process with five Bill Dance-approved sunglass series (four sunglass tints/colors in each series).  All of which were, then, offered to Solar Bat’s global customers.

The Bill Dance Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses introduced the world to these individual series.  Furthermore, staying true to Solar Bat’s mission to create protective eyewear that is both durable and stylish, each pair of Series 1 sunglasses feature unique TCG temple boots and nose pads that eliminate unwanted sunglass movement.  As many fishermen routinely comment, sunglasses that move too freely can fall off into the water, interfere with the angler’s vision, or become so bothersome that the benefits of wearing them are negligible. Solar Bat invested resources into solving this movement-oriented issue!  As with each Bill Dance Series, the individual features are shared with customers – that way, each prospective customer can make informed purchases and choose perfectly-fitting sunglasses.  If you haven’t experienced a pair of Solar Bat sunglasses for yourself, the Bill Dance Series 1 Fishing Sunglasses is an affordable starting place.  Don’t hesitate to check out Bill Dance Pro Edition Series sunglasses, as well.  Choose from four different lens tint in the Bill Dance Polarized PH Series.

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized sunglasses, hunting sunglasses, and fishing sunglasses with Bat Bucks Tournament Contingency rewards/

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Shiny Black / Soft Green, Shiny Black / Brown, Shiny Black / Brown Green Gradient Mirror, Shiny Black / Soft Green Blue Gradient Mirror


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