Champion Jr. Golf


Solar Bat Sunglasses wants you to be a champion as you navigate your on beginner golf courses to professional golf courses.  But to be a champion, you must see and look like a golf champion!  Solar Bat Sunglasses welcomes the Champion Jr. Golf to its Men’s and Women’s Golf Series Sunglasses. Though each Champion Jr. features refined style and sleekness, it should never be confused with functionality weakness.  Instead, Solar Bat invested resources and modifications into ensuring the Champion Jr. fits comfortably on the wearer’s face while he/she plays many rounds of golf.  Golfers who want to improve their performance on greens should consider the Champion Jr. Golf as ideal eyewear option for improving course vision and seeing details that escape other’s eyesight.

Champion Jr. Golf Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Black
  • FRAME MATERIAL: TR90 with TCG Nose Pads
  • FIT GUIDE: Small with Average to Wide Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 70mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 18mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 135mm
  • LENS MATERIAL: PNVXD Optics (proprietary optics by Dr. Gary Nesty)
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Champion Jr. Golf – Lens Tint Variations

  PERFORMANCE GOLF BROWN: Designed to improve visualization of the grain and contour on greens that are more brown. Light transmission is 16%.

  PERFORMANCE GOLF GREEN: Designed to improve visualization of the grain and contour on greens that are a brighter green. This is the most popular golf tint. Light transmission is 15%.

Champion Jr. Golf Sunglasses

The Solar Bat Men’s and Women’s Golf Series Sunglasses all communicate sleekness, style, and sophistication.  But most importantly, the Champion Golf and Champion Jr. Golf provide a high level of visual clarity unavailable in most golf sunglasses. All golfers, including professionals, readily acknowledge that reading greens is an important aspect of playing efficient golf.  While expensive driver golf clubs may add a few yards to each drive, Champion Jr. Golf sunglasses immediately improve a golfer’s ability to make sound decisions based on what he/she sees on the greens.  The course information obtained via visual clarity clarity impacts how a golfer approaches a putt based on the golfer’s interpretation of the grains and contours.  Without appropriately designed golf series sunglasses, golf becomes much more difficult and some aspects left to chance as opposed to skill.  Both men and women rely on the Champion Jr. Golf for important in-game, on-course visual enhancement.

Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures many sunglasses in the USA.

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Shiny Black / Performance Golf Brown, Shiny Black / Performance Golf Green


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