Chevrolet® V1017


Solar Bat Sunglasses pulled all the stops out with Chevrolet® V1017 sunglasses.  The idea was to create, develop, and sell a truly versatile pair of driving sunglasses that improved visual clarity while providing quality eye protection.  These sunglasses deliver on premium promises at an affordable price tag, making your Chevrolet allegiances all the more possible.  Treat yourself to these stylish driving sunglasses and improve your driving experience significantly.  Choose from two polarized tints or one non-polarized tint.

Chevrolet® V1017 Features

  • FRAME COLOR: TR90 with Vintage Chevrolet Emblem
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Shiny Black in Vintage Styling for the Ladies
  • FIT GUIDE: Average with Average to Wide Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 57 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 18 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 125 mm
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Chevrolet® 1017 – Non-Polarized Lens Tint Variations

   GRAY SLIVER FLASH MIRROR: Filters all visible light equally. Light transmission is 11%.

Chevrolet® 1017 – PNVX Polarized Lens Tint Variations

  AMBER: Filters blue light. Excellent tint for low light conditions. Light transmission is 16%.

  GRAY: Neutral filtration. Filters all colors equally. All purpose tint. Light transmission is 14%.

Chevrolet® V1017 Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses created the Chevrolet® V1017 sunglasses to become insanely popular.  That’s precisely what’s occurred, too.  This particular Driving Series Sunglass model has become all-around ideal driving eyewear for Chevrolet enthusiasts around the world.  Its unique Chevrolet logo (as featured on the arms) brings this cool, sleek pair of polarized and non-polarized lens tints to life.  What could be better than improving your visual clarity on those short or long road trips?  Protect your eyes from the sun while cruising in style and comfort – with an enhanced visual clarity that aids in safer, more productive driving.  This is also a favorite sunglass model for active outdoor enthusiasts who want a pair of sunglasses that work equally well for other activities.  Solar Bat Sunglasses decided to ensure each wearer experienced the best possible sight while continuing to keep retail prices lower than other companies.  The Chevrolet V1017 provides all the comfort, visual clarity, and style a driver could want or need.

Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures many sunglasses in the USA.

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Shiny Black / Non-Polarized Gray Silver Flash Mirror, Shiny Black / Polarized Amber, Shiny Black / Polarized Gray


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