Corvette™ 1003


Solar Bat Sunglasses created the Corvette 2040 and Corvette 1040 for active automobile drivers, instituting class, visual performance, and elegance with car driving activities.  However, the Corvette™ 1003 sunglasses are sportier than the previously mentioned driving sunglasses.  This classic frame style with the Corvette logo provides a comfortable fit for all driving situations.  Solar Bat created three polarized lens tints and one non-polarized lens tint for the Corvette 1003 – all four lens tints work best with specific outdoor light-conditions.  Choose the most appropriate lens tint for your driving situation or outdoor activity.  Though each pair dedicates itself to the infamous Driving Series, the Corvette 1003 improves visual clarity for outdoor activities, as well.

Corvette™ 1003 Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Black on Matte Black, Shiny Red on Matte Black or Shiny Yellow on Matte Black
  • FRAME MATERIAL: TR90 with Metal Temple Accents and C6 Logo
  • FIT GUIDE: Average with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 63 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 14 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 130 mm
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Corvette™ 1003 – Non-Polarized Lens Tint Variations

   GRAY SLIVER FLASH MIRROR: Filters all visible light equally. Light transmission is 11%.

Corvette™ 1003 – Solid Polarized Lens Tint Variations

  AMBER: Filters blue light. Excellent tint for low light conditions. Light transmission is 16%.

  GRAY: Neutral filtration. Filters all colors equally. All purpose tint. Light transmission is 14%.

 GRAY ICE BLUE MIRROR: Light transmission is 9%.

Corvette™ 1003 Sunglasses

Solar Bat Sunglasses experimented with a classic aesthetic – frame shape, frame color, and frame functionality.  This experimentation led to the inclusion of the Corvette 1003 sunglasses in Solar Bat’s online Driving Series catalog.  Corvette aficionados believe the Corvette 1003 sunglasses fully complement the stylish, raw power of Corvettes in motion!  Without a doubt, many car enthusiasts identify with the Corvette brand logo, and these polarized (three lens tints) and non-polarized (one lens tint) driving sunglasses fit snuggly, comfortably, and stylishly on the wearer’s face.  Each pair provides visual clarity necessary for safe driving and outdoor activity. Due to its innovative and durable construction, these sunglasses thrive in an active outdoor lifestyle.  Customers interested in the Corvette 1003 should also view Solar Bat’s Corvette 1040 and Corvette 2040.  Experience optimum visual clarity while driving or participating in outdoor activities!

Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures many sunglasses in the USA.

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Matte Black – Black / Non-Polarized Gray Silver Flash Mirror, Matte Black – Black / Polarized Amber, Matte Black – Black / Polarized Gray, Matte Black – Black / Polarized Gray Ice Blue Mirror, Matte Black with Red / Non-Polarized Gray Silver Flash Mirror, Matte Black with Red / Polarized Amber, Matte Black with Red / Polarized Gray, Matte Black with Red / Polarized Gray Ice Blue Mirror, Matte Black with Yellow / Non-Polarized Gray Silver Flash Mirror, Matte Black with Yellow / Polarized Amber, Matte Black with Yellow / Polarized Gray, Matte Black with Yellow / Polarized Gray Ice Blue Mirror


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