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Solar Bat Sunglasses shaped the history of fishing eyewear by seeking the guidance of many industry-important professionals.  Dave Lefebre is well-known to many and his fishing authority on products, companies, and ideas carries immense weight and influence.  He knows that polarized fishing sunglasses must be shaped, tuned, and crafted for long-term use and to meet the minute-by-minute demands fishermen experience on the water.  As such, Solar Bat and Dave Lefrebre collaborated to create the Dave Lefrebre Series Fishing Sunglasses.

This Pros and Heroes signature series is a testament to Dave’s desire to use lightweight polycarbonate frames that comfortably fit the wearer’s eye socket and cheekbone contours in a comfortable, ergonomic manner.  Solar Bat made this vision a reality, also including the proprietary TCG nose pads and temple grips for sunglass stability during intense fishing action despite heat and sweat that allows traditional sunglasses to slip, move, or even fall off.  Dave Lefebre’s signature is featured on sunglass’ temple and each pair includes TAC lenses that deliver 99.9% polarization against harmful UV rays.  Additionally, Solar Bat designed each pair with humidity and temperature protection.

Dave Lefrebre Series Fishing Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Shiny Light Gunmetal
  • FRAME FEATURES: Wide Temple Design (WTD) for exceptional frontal lens balance
  • TCG TEMPLE INSERT: Gripping (frames with less sliding, moving while fishing or boating)
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium to Large Face with Average to Wide Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 70 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 19 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 130 mm
  • LENSES: 1.0 mm TAC with 99.9% Polarization and blocks all harmful UV Rays


Dave LeFebre Series Fishing Sunglasses

SOFT GREEN (G): Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye.  Enough green in the tint to highlight the green coloration in fish and aquatic vegetation.  Light transmission is 15%

BROWN (B): Pure brown tint is for flat or lower light conditions.  Excellent for cloudy or partly cloudy days in the outdoors.   Light transmission is 16%.

BROWN WITH GREEN GRADIENT MIRROR (BM): All the properties of the Brown tint but with a green mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 11% in the top and 16% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

SOFT GREEN WITH BLUE GRADIENT MIRROR (GM): All the properties of the soft green tint but with a blue mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 10% in the top and 15% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

Dave LeFebre Polarized PH Series Fishing Sunglasses

Dave Lefebre worked with Solar Bat to create the ultimate polarized bass fishing sunglasses.  It’s one thing to stamp a pro angler’s name on a pair of sunglasses and walk away, but it’s entirely different process to design, test, modify, and finally release a fully-inspired sunglass series that mirrors that professionals needs and wants in eyewear protection.   Solar Bat accepted the challenge and collaborated with the professional bass angler to create a uniquely affordable, though highly effective pair of fishing sunglasses that aids in sight fishing, navigation, and eye protection.  It’s a bonus that each pair also screams of insane style and comfort.  Solar Bat has become a master of innovating specific sunglass features without tremendously increasing costs – a company characteristic that appeals to bass fishermen, golfers, tennis players, and many other industry-specific hobbyists and enthusiasts.

However, in this specific case, the Dave Lefebre Series Fishing Sunglasses capture every single necessary element found in a quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses.  And, in all truth, exceeds expectations in style, comfort, and protection when the affordable price tag of Pros and Heroes Series Sunglasses is considered.  For fishermen of all ages, genders, and experience levels, this series is especially appealing and continues to become one of today’s most popular fishing sunglasses.  Seize this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Solar Bat brand.  Customers interested in purchasing additional Pros and Heroes Sunglasses should also consider the Hank Parker PH1 and Hank Parker PH 2 as exceptional polarized fishing sunglasses to accompany your new Dave Lefebre sunglasses!   Choose from a four different lens tint variations that aid with changing light conditions.

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized sunglasses, hunting sunglasses, and fishing sunglasses with Bat Bucks Tournament Contingency rewards/

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Shiny Medium Gray / Soft Green, Shiny Medium Gray / Brown, Shiny Medium Gray/Brown Green Gradient Mirror, Shiny Medium Gray / Soft Green Blue Gradient Mirror

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  1. Andy Bushman

    These sunglasses are great for people with smaller heads or for kids. My five year old son loves them and has claimed them as “his” fishing glasses. With the polarized lenses I never worry about the effect of the suns glare on his eyes while were are on the water.

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