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Pro bass angler Hank Parker has a celebrated fishing career.  Of course, Hank Parker is widely recognizable, too, because of his outdoor television experiences.  At the end of the day, Hank Parker’s service to the fishing industry spans over four decades.  Solar Bat Sunglasses consulted with Hank Parker on what fishing sunglass features were essential to actually improve a fishermen’s angling experiences.  The Hank Parker 1 resulted from this consultation and repeated field testing.  Bass fishermen, crappie fishermen, tournament fishermen, and saltwater fishermen prefer the Hank Parker 1’s sleek, wide frame profile and the new PNVXG2 lenses.  Consistent clear vision while fishing and boating is not a luxury – it is a necessity for safety and fishing performance.  Solar Bat Sunglasses designed the Hank Parker 1 Pro Edition Series Sunglasses for serious fishing action in all types of weather and light conditions.  Choose the lens tints that will improve your visual clarity on sunny to dark-sky days.

Hank Parker 1 Fishing Sunglasses Features

  • FRAME COLOR: Mat Medium Brown Crystal with Mat Black Back Spray and Black TCG
  • FRAME FEATURES: Full rimmed lenses with co-injected TCG temple inserts and nose pads for extra grip.
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium to Large with Average Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 70 mm full rimless
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 15 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 130 mm
  • LENSES: PNVXG2 with 99.9% polarization, scratch resistant, and 100% UV block


Hank Parker 1 Fishing Sunglasses – Polarized Lens Tint Variations

Filters blue light. Excellent tint for low light conditions. Light transmission is 16%.

 GRAY: Neutral filtration. Filters all colors equally. All purpose tint. Light transmission is 14%.

 MOSSBACK® GREEN: Brightens green and bleaches browns. Designed for fishing and water sports. Light transmission is 15%.

 MOSSBACK® GRADIENT: Top: 55% Mossback® Bottom: 45% HiCon Yellow. Ultimate tint for fishing. Light transmission is 15/27%.

 MOSSBACK® INVERTED GRADIENT Top: 25% HiCon Yellow Bottom: 75 Mossback®. Ultimate tint for fishing. Light transmission is 27/15%.

 AMBER BLUE / GREEN MIRROR: Light transmission is 10%.

 GRAY ICE BLUE MIRROR: Light transmission is 9%.

 HICON YELLOW: Combination of yellow and green produces a lens tint design for low light levels but is also the ideal tint for fishing in tannic water.  Light transmission 27%.

Hank Parker 1 – Premium Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Pro bass angler and outdoor television personality Hank Parker has four decades of fishing experience.  From catching fish in bass tournaments to evaluating outdoor-related products, Hank Parker knows about the outdoor industry.  Solar Bat Sunglasses has the professional experience and medical experience (Dr. Nesty is also an optometrist) – the credibility – for designing high quality polarized fishing sunglasses. Hank Parker 1 has a sleek wrap around frame construction that blocks harmful UV rays from all angles and rests comfortably, yet snuggly.  Customers may choose from a variety of specialized lens tints – each of which are designed for different weather and light conditions.  Like other Pro Edition Series Sunglasses, the Hank Parker 1 now features the PNVXG2 lens, which is more affordable for customers while never losing the same polarity and increasing lens durability.  Each lens has a center thickness of 1.5mm, so each pair of Hank Parker 1 remain high-impact resistant (exceeds government standards).

Additionally, each lens has a double-thickness scratch resistant coating!  Hank Parker trusts Solar Bat to manufacture and sell the best fishing sunglasses for performance enhancement, enjoyment, and protection.  The Hank Parker 1 meets those specifications and has become popular polarized fishing sunglasses for bass anglers, crappie anglers, and saltwater anglers.  Improving a bass fishermen’s visual clarity while sight fishing or bed fishing might improve that fishermen’s chances of cashing a large check.  Fishing eyewear, like the Hank Parker 1, make fishing life easier than it’s ever been.  Unlike other high quality polarized fishing sunglasses, the Hank Parker 1 is affordable for anglers of all types.  Take this moment to upgrade your polarized fishing sunglasses while simultaneously saving money.  Because of this, the Hank Parker 1 Pro Edition Series Sunglasses will enhance your fishing activities.

Solar Bat customers may choose from two different Hank Parker Pros Series Sunglasses models.  Be sure to check out the following Pro Edition Series Hank Parker Polarized Fishing Sunglasses: Hank Parker Speed II.

Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized fishing sunglasses with unsurpassed product warranty. Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized sunglasses, hunting sunglasses, and fishing sunglasses with Bat Bucks Tournament Contingency rewards/ Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures many sunglasses in the USA.

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Matte Brown / Amber, Matte Brown / Gray, Matte Brown / Mossback®, Matte Brown / Mossback® Gradient, Matte Brown / Mossback® Inverted Gradient, Matte Brown / Amber Blue / Green Mirror, Matte Brown / Gray Ice Blue Mirror, Matte Brown / Hi Contrast Yellow

3 reviews for Hank Parker 1

  1. Rick C

    I love the durability of the frame! And the clarity of the lenses. These are a must have for fishing!!
    They get the job done! You need to try a pair and see what you’re missing!!

  2. Jimmy Moslak

    By far the best frame and lens combo i have ever used. The frames fit my head perfectly and allow no extra light in from the sides and the transparent brown looks amazing!

    The mossback lenses are the best fishing lenses on the market. Period.

  3. Tyler Waller (verified owner)

    I bought this frame in the Mossback lens option for bass fishing. The wrap-around frame design stays on my face really well even when running down the lake at 70+mph. The Mossback lens crush the greens out of the light spectrum and allow you to see deeper in the water on cloudy days. If you are a sight fisherman or just want an all-around great pair of glasses, look no further than the Hank Parker series. Choose the lens option that works best for your situation and you’ll never be disappointed!

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