Hank Parker 2 PH Camo


Hank Parker is one of the most well-known professional anglers and fishing personalities.  Hank Parker might as well be synonymous with the fishing industry itself (though he is one of the most humble fishermen we know).  As such, it made sense for Solar Bat Sunglasses to join forces with Hank Parker to infuse affordable polarized fishing sunglasses with a splash of style and ergonomic comfort.  The end result of this process was the Hank Parker 2 PH Camo, which has become an extremely popular fishing sunglass for anglers of all experience levels.

Hank Parker 2 PH Series Camo Fishing Sunglasses 

  • FRAME COLOR: Matte Camo
  • FRAME FEATURES: Large horizontal lens style/shallow vertical for eye and cheek contour fit
  • FIT GUIDE: Medium to Large Face with Average to Wide Nose
  • EYE SIZE: 65 mm
  • BRIDGE SIZE: 18 mm
  • TEMPLE LENGTH: 125 mm
  • LENSES: 1.0 mm TAC with 99.9% Polarization and blocks all harmful UV Rays


Hank Parker 2 PH Series Camo Fishing Sunglasses – Lens Tint Variations

 SOFT GREEN (G): Tint combining gray with green resulting in a lens tint that is very comfortable for the human eye. Enough green in the tint to highlight the green coloration in fish and aquatic vegetation.  Light transmission is 15%

 BROWN (B): Pure brown tint is for flat or lower light conditions. Excellent for cloudy or partly cloudy days in the outdoors. Light transmission is 16%.

 BROWN WITH GREEN GRADIENT MIRROR (BM): All the properties of the Brown tint but with a green mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 11% in the top and 16% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

 SOFT GREEN WITH BLUE GRADIENT MIRROR (GM): All the properties of the soft green tint but with a blue mirror in only the top 55% of the lens creating light transmission of 10% in the top and 15% in the bottom portion of the lens. Two lens tints in one sunglass.

Hank Parker 2 PH Series Camo Fishing Sunglasses 

Hank Parker and Solar Bart Sunglasses invested the time, energy, and creativity into designing the ultimate affordable polarized fishing sunglass.  The Hank Parker 2 PH Series Camo combines visual clarity and ergonomic comfort – all in one sunglass design.  Fishermen of all levels, when fishing for a variety of species, need quality polarized fishing eyewear, and the Hank Parker 2 PH delivers everything an angler could want or need.  Most importantly, unlike other sunglass manufacturers, Solar Bat Sunglasses manufactures the entire Polarized Pros and Heroes Series for an affordable price tag without compromising the integrity of the sunglasses themselves.  Bass fishermen, especially, need performance enhancement eyewear for sight fishing or protecting their eyes from constant sunlight and water’s reflective properties.  See the fish better, catch more fish, and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays while continuing to fish at the highest, most protective level imaginable.


Solar Bat Sunglasses sells premium polarized sunglasses, hunting sunglasses, and fishing sunglasses with Bat Bucks Tournament Contingency rewards/

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Camo / Soft Green, Camo / Brown, Camo / Brown Green Gradient Mirror, Camo / Soft Green Blue Gradient Mirror


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